Give Wellness With Our Holistic Holiday Gift Ideas

Give Wellness With Our Holistic Holiday Gift Ideas

By Georgianna Donadio, MSc, DC, PhDGive Wellness With These Holistic Holiday Gift Ideas The National Institute of Whole Health has created a list of our favorite Holistic Holiday Gift Ideas that foster wellness.

There are folks today who prefer to receive green, natural and organic gifts over the more commercial, expensive and sometimes electronically complex ones. My family and friends now expect to receive such gifts and are actually disappointed if I don’t deliver. In case you have a similar group of friends and family, here are some nice presents you can give that are not only green and healthy, but also inexpensive.

Natural gifts to consider giving this season:

  • Home baked natural or sprouted flour breads and cookies: The gluten free variety is so popular that baking a tin of delicious non-allergenic cookies or cakes will make you someone’s favorite Santa.
  • Handmade quilts: Talk about one of the best handmade gifts to receive, and a quilt is high on the list. Quilts are so popular that they are used for raffles at fundraisers and bring in huge piles of raffle revenue. Most handmade quilts also sell for hundreds if not thousand of dollars.
  • Live herb plants: Wonderful for growing on windowsills and to use in cooking. Aloe Vera is a great plant to keep on hand for any kind of burns or skin irritations. Simply break off a leaf and rub the healing liquid from the leaf on the burn or irritation.
  • Teas, Tea Pots and all thing related to this welcomed and health-filled brew: A wide variety of healing, soothing and delicious herb teas, in beautiful gift baskets can be found in health food and general grocery stores in the produce section.
  • Coffee grinders: This is a truly coveted gift for the coffee lover. Add a pound of organic free-trade coffee to make it the perfect gift.
  • Herbal Candles: Everyone enjoys the glow and aroma of a herbal or aromatic candle. They are beautiful, healthy and sensual.
  • Natural facial or massage gift certificate: Treat that hardworking friend or relative to a full body or facial massage. With so many natural herbs and wraps to choose from, they will want to make a day of it.
  • Pedometer: This handy device can let the user know just how far they have walked through the course of their day or exercise period to assist them in staying on top of their fitness.
  • Wellness baskets with nuts, dried fruits, tea, honey, dark chocolates, mustard, spices or salsa, fruits, veggie drinks and anything else you can imagine. These make beautiful and festive gifts as well.

Giving the gifts of health can be as fulfilling as receiving them, so think outside the box this season and surprise friends and family with these helpful and healthful presents. Happy Holidays!

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