The National Institute of Whole Health formally DBA
New England School of Whole Health Education Registered Trademarks, Trademarks, Service Marks and Copyrights

Since 1977, the National Institute of Whole Health, then known as the New England School of Whole Health Education, has worked and continues to work diligently and passionately to establish Whole Health Education®, the Whole Health Educator™ and Whole Person Health™ as a viable presence in the health care field. In these efforts, the school has created numerous service marks, copyrights and proprietary materials. This intellectual property and its proper and legal use are critical to: 1) establishing our program as a distinctly and uniquely identifiable service; 2) maintaining the integrity of our program; and 3) enabling the services of a certified Whole Health Educator™ to be reimbursable through third party insurers.

The school vigorously monitors the use of its proprietary materials, copyrights and service marks to ensure it conforms to the guidelines and to protect the school’s rights. In addition, NIWH owns hundreds of domain names related to Whole Health and its applicable phrasing. If you have any questions regarding the schools proprietary materials, please contact NIWH at 888-354-HEAL (4325).

Registered Trademarks, Trademarks, Service Marks, Patents and Copyrights

Registered Trademarks, Trademarks and Service Marks are words, names, symbols, devices, designs and other distinctive items, which serve to identify the source of services and distinguishes them from others. Service Marks are exclusive rights and their use by others without permission is an infringement of the owner’s rights.

The following are all Federal and/or State Registered Trademarks, Trademarks, Service Marks or Patent Pending marks of the National Institute of Whole Health:

  • Whole Health Education®
  • The Big Picture of Health®
  • The Whole Picture of Health®
  • Woman to Woman®
  • Whole Person Care™
  • Whole Health Coaching™
  • Whole Health Coach™
  • Health Information for the Whole Person™
  • Whole Health Educator™
  • Whole Person Health™
  • Whole Person Health Care™
  • Behavioral Engagement™
  • Behavioral Behavior with Pure Presence
  • Work with purpose and integrity™
  • Celebrating Whole Health™
  • Creating a Renaissance of Relationship-Centered Care™
  • The Complete Picture of Health™
  • The 5 Aspects of Whole Health™
  • Educate, Advocate, Coach™


Copyrights are original works of creative expression fixed in a tangible medium. Copyrights are exclusive rights and the copying of a substantial portion of protected work or unauthorized use of protected work is an infringement of the owner’s rights. As the National Institute of Whole Health has published over a dozen original handbooks, textbooks, manuals and brochures, it is prohibitive in this limited space to identify all designated copy written material.

As matter of reference, however, the following is a list of most frequently used public works which refer to or identify Whole Health Education® in the written form. All of the following material is copy written work of the National Institute of Whole Health which can be utilized only with the express written permission of the National Institute of Whole Health.

  • To Be a Human Being©  NIWH text
  • The Challenge of Being Human© — NIWH text
  • The Big Picture of Health© — NESWHE Flipcharts
  • Whole Health Education Billing Manual©
  • Whole Health Education Specialty Flipcharts©
  • Whole Health Education® video and DVD series — © all content
  • Soul-Work Press© — and all publications under said name
  •, — © all content
  • The five aspects of whole health: physical, emotional, nutritional,
    environmental and spiritual™ ©
  • Behavioral Engagement™
  • Behavioral Engagement with Pure Presence™

    NIWH Curriculum Videos

    PLEASE NOTE: All NIWH course videos are trademarked and contain copy written material. We anticipate that all NIWH learners will comprehend the proprietary nature of the curriculum and respect the copyrights by NOT downloading or letting other unenrolled users view or disseminate the recorded material for personal use or profit. If such activity is brought to our attention, the NIWH Legal Department will use all appropriate means to insure the trademarked material in question is protected.

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