Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions about NIWH Integrative Nutrition, Holistic Health Practitioner and Health Coaching Programs

1. What is the difference between your programs and traditional health coaching programs?

For a comprehensive chart comparison please visit our Whole Health Education with Whole Health Coaching page.

The NIWH professional programs are ONLY available to licensed, credentialed and educated medical, allied health, mental health, health education, nutrition, wellness and fitness professionals. NIWH Whole Health Education training programs are one of the only post-professional programs to qualify healthcare professionals for an individual National Provider Identification number  for patient health and wellness education. This important credential allows for secondary insurance billing by professional trained and credentialed health and wellness educators.

As the the developers and pioneers of Whole Health our evidence-based, integrated whole health education, nutrition and natural health programs are the most comprehensive on-line, whole person health focused programs available. As a result of NIWH’s comprehensive curriculums and training graduates may “test-out” for the national Chronic Care Professional certification (CCP), endorsed and recognized by:

> Care Continuum Alliance – new name – Population Health Alliance
> Case Management Society of America

In addition, the NIWH programs provide the prerequisites for graduates to earn additional professional certifications and credentials to enhance their skills and service to their patients and clients. 

Our programs are offered on-line via streaming videos and downloadable hard copy handouts and abstracts.  The video courses are filmed presentations at Boston area hospitals and medical facilities then streamed via to the NIWH on-line educational platform.  The Whole Health Education programs are accredited professional development and continuing education courses and programs for for medical, allied health, mental health, nurses, wellness, fitness, nutrition and health education professionals who work in medical or healthcare related settings, or conduct their own private practice or business in health care focused services.

> NIWH is the only program of its kind that provides enrollment into national insurance networks upon completion. In 2006, John Reed, MD, then Chief Medical Officer of the Health Support division of Healthways, Inc., one of the country’s largest health insurance networks, worked with NIWH to establish criteria for acceptance of Whole Health Advocates and Health and Wellness Coaches into their national networks. As a result, all qualified NIWH professionals are eligible to be registered into the Healthway’s national networks.

> Patient Health Education services are eligible for health insurance billing and reimbursable. NIWH graduates can obtain a National Provider Insurance (NPI) number and professional liability insurance. NIWH provides an insurance billing manual for their practice, or for their provider employer. Our billing model is updated twice annually by a certified billing and coding expert and provides current up-to-date codes and procedures for the most accurate, optimal billing outcomes.

redbutton Whole Health and Wellness Coaching Certificate Available from the National Institute of Whole Health

2. Other programs do not require pre-requisites, why does NIWH?

As the pioneer and leader of the national Whole Health, Whole Person Healthcare movement, the pre-requisites NIWH requires will allow graduate professionals to qualify for and participate in national insurance networks, job placement in mainstream health care and provide to their clients NPI # qualified health insurance billable services in patient health educator. Graduates can also earn additional professional credentials as a result of completing the NIWH training. 

Many other programs do not advise their learners about the professional, legal and ethical guidelines of the health, nutrition, education or counseling professions. Unless an individual possesses a scope of practice within their professional discipline; and unless they have the appropriate training, credentials and professional liability for the work they are performing and charging for, they are at risk for legal, financial and civil sanctions. The pre-requisites to qualify for registration in NIWH’s professionally endorsed/approved/accredited, evidence-based programs position NIWH to be recognized by national health education, advocacy and health care organizations as the most credentialed evidence-based, integrative, Whole Health and Wellness education  program in the U.S.

The successful completion of an NIWH Whole Health program allows professionals to successfully achieve mainstream job placement in this exciting health care and advocacy specialty. Qualified learners can become ICF Certified Professional Coaches, at significant savings, through our Whole Health Coaching affiliate program with the former Bark Institute, now Wisdom of the Whole (WOW) Coaching School. Nurse professionals can apply the nurse mentor hours with WOW to become AHNCC Board Certified Nurse Coaches.

As NIWH offers the most comprehensive, accredited development training for credentialed health care professionals, the entrance requirements and professional accreditation of the NIWH Whole Health programs are in keeping with national guidelines for the practice of and employment in the fields of wellness, medicine, patient health education, health coaching and health advocacy.

NIWH cautions those seeking to enter the fields of integrative health care, integrated nutrition or health and wellness coaching, to thoroughly evaluate the quality and authenticity of any training program they are considering. In addition, identify how the particular training translates into real credentials and credibility when seeking  mainstream job placement or employment.

Please read our free, downloadable Career Guide for some straightforward tips on finding the program that is right for you.

3. As a nurse professional, what are the benefits of taking one of the NIWH Whole Health programs?

There are many benefits for all nurse professionals in the NIWH Whole Health for Nurses training program:

  • NIWH provides ANCC approved continuing education contact hours
  • Nurses can use their approved contact hours for nurses to qualify for the national Holistic Nurse Certification examination. (Learn more about Holistic Nurse Certification.)
  • Nurses can “test-out” for the national Chronic Care Professional (CCP) certification
  • This is an AHNCC approved program
  • Nurses can become an AHNCC Board Certified Nurse Coach
  • Nurse professionals receive AHNA member discounts on program fees
  • NIWH is an endorsed AHNA program
  • NIWH is an endorsed content provider of Sigma Theta Tau, the International Honor Society of Nursing.
  • NIWH professionals are automatically enrolled as a WholeHealth Advocate and Health and Wellness Coaches in the Healthways national insurance network.

4. What does a patient health advocate do?

Professional patient health advocates are trained in many aspects of facilitation for an individual’s health and wellness. Advocates also specialize in various skills and services. For more details, please visit our page on: What does a patient health advocate do?

5. What is a holistic nurse?

The holistic nurse is a nursing professional who is committed to providing “whole person” health care. A certification for the holistic nurse includes skills, tools and information about how to serve their patients from a multi-dimensional perspective. Read more about the certification for holistic nurse process.

6. What is the holistic nursing model?

The holistic nursing model is about more than clinical nursing skills. This model focuses the skills of the nurse on the “wholeness” of their patients. Read more about the Holistic Nursing Model.

7. What are the holistic nursing requirements?

Holistic nursing requirements include having the knowledge, skills and professional tools to educate, advocate for and coach patients to take greater control of their health and wellness. Read more about Holistic Nursing Requirements.

8. How can I become a certified holistic nurse?

The American Holistic Nurses Association (AHNA) provides an opportunity for any duly licensed nurse professional to become a nationally certified Holistic Nurse. Read more about how to become a Certified Holistic Nurse.

9. How can I become a certified holistic nurse coach?

Holistic Nurse Coaching has become a popular focus for Wellness focused nurse professionals. The AHNCC has created a national Board Certified Coach designation, which requires approved and endorsed courses to qualify to sit for this national board certification. Read more about the Holistic Nurse Coach certification process.



redbutton Whole Health and Wellness Coaching Certificate Available from the National Institute of Whole Health

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