NIWH Whole Health Education
3-in-1 Program

The NIWH 3-in-1 Whole Health Education® training is
accredited by the Institute for Credentialing ExcellenceICE logo

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Our 3-in-1 Whole Health Education Program includes
courses and skills in:

 > Whole Health Education ®

> Patient Health Advocacy

> Whole Health Coaching™

Since 1977
, the mission of NIWH has been to facilitate change in the delivery of health care in all settings by transforming way consumers receive their primary care services. This is achieved through educating credentialed professionals to better serve their patients and clients through a whole health – whole person care approach. Whole Health is focused on all aspects of an individual’s health behaviors. The NIWH 5 Aspects of Whole Health look at the physical, emotional, nutritional, environmental and their values, beliefs and worldview (spirituality) of each individual.

NIWH provides the whole package for success – whether in private practice or in partnership within a medical practice! Billing and Coding expert guidance, practice building, professional networking, and success mentoring are all available to NIWH learners and graduates from initial enrollment to graduation and beyond! All learners, past and present, are part of the NIWH Whole Health Family and Community at NIWH and are always welcome to participate in all Whole Health offerings. We want you to succeed!!

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Program Goals

Learners will be able to apply their skills to integrate whole health patient education, patient health advocacy and whole health coaching skills into their health focused service to their clients and into the practice of medicine and health care in all settings.

Our program goals are designed to achieve overall philosophy of our mission statement. NIWH develops, tests and offers comprehensive, evidence-based health education programs which are integrative and whole person directed, for credentialed healthcare and education professionals.

Here is what a recent NIWH graduate stated about the program:

“The content covered and the amount of knowledge gained throughout the Whole Health Education program is on par with graduate-level programs. The coursework is intensive and thorough. The resources are endless. It was an incredible growing experience that opened my eyes to a new field that merges whole-person healthcare with patient-centered education. This powerful combination creates the potential for sustainable lifestyle change.”

                                                                                               Taylor Worland, M.Ed, Whole Health Educator


Whole Health explores the inter-connected science of how everything in the body is connected with every aspect of the individual’s life – and how their chronic health or disease presentation has been scientifically shown to manifest through lifestyle choices. Our Whole Health training programs are accredited, endorsed or approved by all major health, nutrition, fitness, medical, nursing and allied health professional organizations in the U.S. In addition, Whole Health Education has been named a BEST PRACTICE in Relationship Centered Care by a Harvard Affiliate Hospital, and nominated for the Fetzer Institute’s Norman Cousins Award.

Norman Cousins Award

“As a physician, I find that Whole Health Educators are incredibly supportive in my attempt to help patients regain or maintain wellness. The Educators reinforce knowledge, motivate patient behavior, and have the time to help remove barriers to wellness. Whole Health Education is a very potent, valuable tool in helping patients transform their lives.”

Harvey Zarren, M.D., F.A.C.C. Principal Investigator,
Whole Health Education Pilot Study Union Hospital, Lynn, MA,
a Partners HealthCare Affiliate

Celebrating 46 years

Each Year NIWH accepts a limited number of applicants into its Whole Health programs. This is to ensure the quality of education and one-on-one interaction between the learner and their program Academic Adviser. In addition, while other programs may not require prior education or training in the broad field of health care and education, NIWH program are exclusively designed for credentialed, licensed health and education professionals.

A potential learner must apply and have their credentials verified prior to be offered enrollment. While all Whole Health Education programs share the 24 CORE courses, plus the Patient Health Advocacy and Whole Health Coaching tutorials.

VIEW 24 CORE plus 8 tutorial Whole Health Education, Patient Health Advocacy and Whole Health Coaching courses.

All three (3) Whole Health curricula are designed to be completed in 6 -12 months, however, NIWH provides, at no extra cost, four (4) additional months to complete the program. The curriculum is the same and the cost is the same, the difference is the speed at which the learner chooses to earn their credentials. See our Accelerated Program page for details.

The Whole Health programs have two components. The first part is comprised of the 24 Whole Health Foundation courses, which are intended to be completed at a rate of one or two courses per week, over a 12 or 24 week period. The second is the Case Study Tutorial, 3 required Case Studies plus a Final Paper focused on the three Case Studies.

Each course takes approximately 6-8 hours to complete. There is a course assignment and evaluation form to be completed and submitted to the learners Academic Adviser. A final proctored exam is required at the completion of the 24 Core courses. The second component is the skills and experiential portion of the program. There are 10 communication, patient health advocacy and whole health coaching courses which culminate in the case study competency portion, followed by a Capstone or Final Paper project required for graduation. The Final Paper is focused on the learner’s submitted case studies.

Each Core course provides a minimum of eight (8) continuing education contact hours. Several courses provide 10-12 contact hours due to the additional reading for that particular course. Certificates for continuing education contact hours are provided after successful completion and submission of both the course assignment form and the course evaluation form to the student’s Academic Adviser.

The student’s Academic Adviser provides feedback for each course submission, as well as sends the learner an individual continuing education certificate for each course submitted. In the event that the learner requires addition time to complete their studies, they may make arrangements for an extension through the Student Services department. A student may also arrange for a leave of absence.

Tuition for this program is $5,990.00 with a one-time payment or $6490.00 with monthly payment plan. You can apply on-line or schedule a time to speak with a program representative if you wish to explore an interest free monthly payment plan.

Benefits of Completing the NIWH Whole Health Education® Program

Only learners who complete all components of the program are awarded the credential of Whole Health Educator ™ and well as certificates in Whole Health Coaching and Patient Health Advocacy. Graduates are eligible to apply for the following credentials after graduation:

 Apply for the National Board Exam for certification as a Patient Advocate.

 Qualify to provide patient health education services, which are health insurance reimbursable.

 Qualify for professional liability insurance with the ACA

 May also apply for a National Provider Identification number for health insurance billing and coding receipts

 Qualify for additional health care credentials, as a graduate of the Whole Health Education program, through numerous NIWH educational partnerships; For nurses AHNCC Holistic Nurse and Board Certified Nurse Coach; for ALL graduates, the Chronic Care Professional, Population Health national certification exam.

PLEASE NOTE: For those who are interested in Whole Health Education but cannot make the commitment to complete the full 3-in-1 program, NIWH also offers the opportunity for a learner to take the 24 Foundation Courses without the credentialing portion of the program.

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