Testimonials from hospitals, clinics, physicians, nurses, insurance providers, schools and colleges for Whole Health Education and the National Institute of Whole Health

“The quality of the relationship between patient and provider has a significant effect on patient adherence to treatment and outcomes.  The NIWH’s Whole Health educational programs provide health practitioners with the essential tools to effectively engage their patients. As a seasoned endocrinologist with established communication skills and an empathetic mannerism, I was able to further develop my communication skills after training in the Behavioral Engagement with Pure Presence ™ Model.  NIWH’s programs are invaluable to transforming the patient-provider encounter.”

Saleh Aldasouqi, MD, FACE, ECNU; Associate Professor,
Chief of Endocrinology, College of Human Medicine
Michigan State University

“The NIWH’s pioneering work in evidence-based Whole Health education affords health care providers the skill-set necessary to navigate and excel under the current mandates of our dynamic health industry.  As patient-centered care encompassing disease prevention, patient education and health advocacy reign at the forefront of policy agenda, treating the whole patient as opposed to the disease has never been more imperative.  NIWH’s training provides the platform in which health care professionals can rise above.

Dr. Christie Clipper, DHA
Primary Investigator – Physician Pilot Study
on Behavioral Engagement in Medical Practice

“National Institute of Whole Health, thanks for all your fantastic work!”

David Perlmutter, M.D., FACN
Board Certified Neurologist Fellow of the American College of Nutrition
Author of “Raise a Smarter Child by Kindergarden”

“The content covered and the amount of knowledge gained throughout the Whole Health Education program is on par with graduate-level programs. The coursework is intensive and thorough. The resources are endless. It was an incredible growing experience that opened my eyes to a new field that merges whole-person healthcare with patient-centered education. This powerful combination creates the potential for sustainable lifestyle change.”

Taylor Worland, M.ED

“Coming from a Health Coaching background, I found that there was something missing when trying to assist individuals with making a sustainable behavior change.  Through my experience with the program at the National Institute of Whole Health, I was able to identify what that missing piece in Health Coaching was.  The courses provided the education needed to be able to supply evidence-based health information to patients, and the case study portion of the program helped facilitate the personal WHY for change in patients.  This was the missing piece, that each patient find the “why” they need to change.  The program taught me how to assist patients in finding their individual why so that the changes can be sustained for a lifetime.”

Judith Brinn, BS, CHHC, certified in Pediatric Obesity

“I support the efforts of the National Institute of Whole Health to bring Whole Health Education into mainstream medical practice. To educate and empower, while inviting individuals to take greater control of their health, is what our healthcare system urgently needs to focus on!”

Judith Orloff, M.D.
Assistant Clinical Professor Psychiatry, UCLA
Author of “Positive Energy”, “Second Sight”

“I hope that…you [NIWH] bring your healing mission to all who need it.”

James Gordon, M.D.
Founder and Director of The Center for Mind-Body Medicine
Former Chair, White House Commission
on Complimentary & Alternative Medicine Policy

“As a physician, I find the curriculum and knowledge I received from the NIWH Whole Health Educator program more complete than any other program I have previously taken. The experience of attending the program was one of the most rewarding and enlightening trainings of my life. The curriculum was thorough and challenging – and it will certainly change the lives of my patients as well as make my practice more rewarding and more profitable. The money invested in this program was money very well spent! Thank you NIWH, for the wonderful experience of the Whole Health Education program.”

Larry Womack, NMD
Naturopathic Medical Physician

“I applaud the compassionate work of NIWH, which offers Integrative Whole Health and whole person focused training for health care professionals who desire to provide relationship-centered health care, while facilitating health education to empower the patient and support shared decision making.”

Bernie Siegel, M.D.
Author of “Love Medicine and Miracles”

“[Whole Health Educator] Jan Davies has been very helpful for a number of my patients. She has provided in-depth, evidence based, up-to-date information on diseases, medications, dietary and lifestyle changes. [Having Jan] teaching patients effective stress management techniques has also been quite valuable. Referring patients to Jan saves me time and increases my patients’ knowledge about their health. This empowers them to take an active role, which, in turn, makes me a more efficient and effective physician. Jan is an invaluable resource for our medical community.”

Tom Archie, MD, DABFM, DABMA
Sierra Cancer Guides
Lake Almanor Clinic, Chester, California

“I had the pleasure of working with [a Whole Health Educator]…at my practice based at Speare Medical Associates in Plymouth, New Hampshire. She saw a variety of patients with common Internal Medicine type problems which included obesity, smoking cessation and providing information pertaining to cardiac disease, lung disease and diabetes mellitus. Carol was uniformly enthusiastic, knowledgeable and had a wonderful rapport with my patients. She provided a wealth of material and information.”

David W. Towne, M.D.
Internal Medicine
Speare Medical Associate

“Having a Whole Health Educator on site is pivotal in creating a true, integrated health center for several reasons: first, there has been an increased demand for alternative healthcare among patients for the last several years. Second, given the training received, the Whole Health Educator has the time and skills to provide patients with information that the physician’s schedule does not allow for. Finally, so much of integrated medicine is about educating patients on the big picture of health and disease.”

Marco De LaCruz, M.D.
Director and Family Medical Practitioner
Anchor Medical Group Practice
Chicago, IL

“It was wonderful! The reviews of the course and the speakers were excellent. The students agree that the course has made changes in their thinking and in their lives. Whole Health Education and Whole Health Educators are an outstanding additional modality for nurses.”

Caroline S. Stone, D.N.Sc., R.N., C.S.
Associate Professor
Graduate Program in Nursing
Salem State College

“I have been teaching at the college level for 15 years as Program Director of Respiratory Care. While working on my PhD, I felt something was missing from my studies. My PhD program had all of the parts, but they simply did not fit together. Then I discovered the offerings at NIWH. The NIWH program presents health education in a way that no other program does. It has renewed by passion for teaching and it helped me learn how to apply this information in “real world” situations. This year I chaired our health and wellness committee which presented a “Wellness Adventure” program, using the NIWH five elements of health. It was very exciting, to see so many people embrace the concept of Whole Health! We have an even bigger event planned for next Wellness Adventure!”

Bill Croft, PhD
Health Sciences Department Chair
Respiratory Therapy Professor
Sandhills Community College, Pinehurst, NC

“As a constant seeker of the ‘big picture,’I especially appreciate your grand work of integration. [The] tapes lay [a] foundation for understanding holism and for growing compassion for self and others. The dynamic presentation style in the tape format makes the material easily accessible and understandable…and [we] look forward to it being available to a wider nursing audience.”

Caroline Atkinson, R.N., M.S., H.N.C., C.H.T.P.
Educational Coordinator
American Holistic Nurses Association

“The model of whole health education that she [the certified Whole Health Educator] practices and the educational tools which she uses are an invaluable resource to this clinic. The feedback that I get from my patients and the interaction between them, the educator and myself bring me to the conclusion that this model of patient education does fill the gap between patients and their physicians, and makes communication more effective.”

Joseph Fanfan, Jr., M.D., P.A.
Internal Medicine Practice
Fort Lauderdale, FL

“We made a strategic decision to build an intuitive and fulfilling experience on the most advanced delivery platform available…. [NIWH] The National Institute of Whole Health has consistently demonstrated their commitment to the nursing community and we are delighted to be partnering with them.”

Mark Ivory
Nursing Knowledge International

“Natural Standard is in strong support of evidence-based, inter-disciplinary educational programs, and works with NIWH to provide quality resources to its students.”

Kate Ulbricht, Pharm.D.
Co-founder of Natural Standard,
an evidence-based, medical information library
Cambridge, MA

“As a physician, I find that Whole Health Educators are incredibly supportive in my attempt to help patients regain or maintain wellness. The Educators reinforce knowledge, motivate patient behavior, and have the time to help remove barriers to wellness. Whole Health Education is a very potent, valuable tool in helping patients transform their lives.”

Harvey Zarren, M.D., F.A.C.C.
Principal Investigator, Whole Health Education Pilot Study
Union Hospital, Lynn, MA, a Partners HealthCare Affiliate

“They [the Whole Health Educators] are a testament to the philosophy of Whole Health Education, and have given our clients valuable and useful information and tools that will now be part of the management of their health.”

Pamela Lindgren, R.N.
Nurse Manager
CardioPulmonary Rehabilitation Department
Martha’s Vineyard Hospital

“We are delighted to be working with Whole Health Educators. We have used your services ranging in areas from weight loss issues to cardiovascular disease, arthritis and renal failure. In each case the positive feedback has been tremendous. One member called me to tell me she felt ’empowered,’ another to say that prior to this service she was ‘overwhelmed,’ now she was informed.

“Please keep up the excellent work. We cannot have an efficient, cost-effective health care system without Whole Health Education.”

Marie R. Downey, L.I.C.S.W.
Modern Assistance Programs, Inc.
Medical Case Management

“The model of Whole Health Education was a natural progression for us in the course of treatment for our patients. It brings the relationship between the doctor and patient much closer. The current expectation of people is that they will be more involved with their health care and the health professional needs to collaborate with the patient in order to effectively treat them. Much of what affects your health depends on the way you live your life.”

Judy Ritchie
Former Chief Executive Officer
AtlantiCare, the North Shore Medical Center

“I was very pleased having the opportunity to work with Maureen [a Whole Health Educator]. I commend her efforts in providing education and counseling to the whole person and not just the disease.”

Jeanne Colbath, R.N., C.MS., A.N.P.
Program Director
Brighton Cardiovascular Rehabilitation Program
at St. Elizabeth’s Medical Center

“She [the Whole Health Educator] has worked with the Early Intervention Program, providing group presentations related to Whole Health Education. As part of her responsibilities, she has also worked with clients on an individual basis. Her goal has been to provide the program’s participants with Whole Health Education information to help them improve their quality of life, and the life of their children. I highly recommend Eily [the Whole Health Educator]. She [and her work in Whole Health Education] would be an asset to any organization.”

Monica D. Fernandez-Castro
Family Health Services Coordinator
Crittenton Hastings House

“Tina was a wonderful resource for Maternal Outreach, as a Whole Health Educator. The clients enjoyed her and felt they benefited from her services.”

Therese E. Sentas, R.N.
Maternal Outreach, Inc.

“Betsy [the Whole Health Educator] saw patients upon referral by me. These patients generally had chronic medical issues and were experiencing varying degrees of frustration in looking for solutions. The patient’s medical issues included diabetes, hypertension, obesity, chronic arthritis, hypercholesterolemia, depression, fibromyalgia, and coronary artery disease. All of the patients felt they had gained significantly through the opportunity to improve their education and knowledge of their conditions. Unanimously, the patients felt the time spent with Betsy was valuable towards improving their personal health. Their health remains better because of the education that she provided. In addition, my present interactions with these same patients have been made easier for both of us as a result of the educational consultation these patients gained.”

Eric Cohen, M.D.
Internal Medicine and Gastroenterology
Canton, MA

“The most breath taking advances in healthcare have an impact only if individuals act on that scientific knowledge to prevent, treat and manage illness. But information, while necessary, is not usually sufficient to motivate people to change life-long habits, like smoking, or even induce them to maintain a short-term regimen. Even armed with adequate information, people still confront real barriers to action.”

“Fifteen patients signed up and completed the Whole Health Education® Series. Each patient gave excellent feedback about the process and working with [the Whole Health Educators].”

Michelle Cox
Program Director/Clinical Exercise Physiologist
Cardiac Rehabilitation
Quincy Medical Center, an Affiliate of Boston Medical Center

As a board member of the Center, it was my good fortune to have Gail [Whole Health Educator] assisting in organizing a project I directed at the Center. As a Whole Health Educator, Gail’s training brought many skills. Her positive attitude has been an inspiration to all of us. I highly recommend [Gail] a Whole Health Educator.”

Peggy Huddleston, M.T.S.
Center for Psychology and Social Change
Affiliate of the Department of Psychiatry, Cambridge Hospital
Harvard Medical School
Author of “Prepare For Surgery, Heal Faster”

“Patient feedback about these Whole Health Education visits was overwhelmingly positive. Marilyn seemed especially sensitive in regards to patients’ needs. She helped patients to comply with their particular medical regime.”

N. Thomas LaCava, M.D.
Internal and Environmental Medicine
West Boylston, MA

“Over the past year Richard has done an outstanding job of guiding Rockport employees to make positive choices about their health and lifestyle. He accomplished this through one-to-one counseling and by facilitating Whole Health Education workshops. The participants exposed to Whole Health Education counseling felt he [Richard] had the expertise that empowered them with the skills and awareness to make changes to improve their lives.”

Ronald A. Bartkiewicz
Health Promotion Manager
Reebok International

“Karen provided an invaluable resource for our busy center. She was able to offer many important educational materials, pre-and post-operative support and just plain listening time to many of our clients who are in stress periods of their life due to a health crisis.”

Dixie J. Mills, M.D.
Co-founder with Christine Norththrup, M.D.
Women to Women Health Center
Yarmouth, ME

“Our overall goal is to improve the quality of life for our members. A much neglected area has been the whole health of our members. Atlantic House recognizes the importance of helping members with their spiritual, emotional and nutritional needs. Theresa [the Whole Health Educator] has proved a valuable asset to our Clubhouse, meeting with members to facilitate their growth in the areas of whole health and with staff to help them to better understand and utilize whole health concepts.”

Linda Nardella
Program Director, Atlantic House
A program of the Center for Health & Development

“She [the Whole Health Educator] saw ten of my patients, seven of which completed her program. Her evaluations from my patients were uniformly positive. In my conversations with the patients, many felt that she [through Whole Health Education] literally had changed their lives. I was personally impressed by the commitment [she] had to her patients and of the concept of Whole Health Education.”

Paul P. Bergeron, M.D.
Internal Medicine
Pentucket Medical Associates
Partners Community Healthcare, Inc.

“She [the Whole Health Educator] provided Whole Health Education counseling to a varied population of individuals ranging from older adolescents to elderly patients in the greater Newburyport community. Her performance was outstanding, and she was a definite asset. Many of my patients benefited from her [Whole Health Education counseling].”

Norman D. Miller, M.D. F.A.C.G.

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