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The NIWH 3-in-1 Whole Health Education® training is
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Patient Advocacy is a component in our 3-in-1 Whole Health Education program. Additionally, this separate Patient Advocate Program is offered for those who wish to train for the rapidly growing Health Advocacy field.

Become Nationally Board Certified!

What is a patient advocate? What do they do?

“A patient advocate is a professional who provides services to patients and those supporting them who are navigating the complex healthcare continuum. Advocates work directly with clients (or with their legal representatives) to ensure they have a voice in their care and information to promote informed decision making.

Advocates may work independently or in medical or other organizational settings. They serve individuals, communities, disease‐specific populations, and family caregivers. Synonyms may include health advocate, healthcare advocate, healthcare advocacy consultant, healthcare consumer advocate, and other phrases that imply this role.”

– from the Patient Advocacy Certification Board

NIWH Patient Advocacy Program

The NIWH program provides today’s most cutting-edge, evidence-based patient advocacy program. It invites clients into self-care and shared decision making. The courses for this curriculum were presented and filmed at Boston area hospitals and medical centers. These evidence-based health education and advocacy courses are streamed by to our online classrooms. Hard copy handouts, abstracts, current evidence-based research, and individual course assignment templates are provided.

Each learner works with an Academic Adviser. Our Advisers are credentialed medical or education professionals. They have completed the NIWH Whole Health training. There is no formal medical training required for this professional training that leads to a Board Certified Patient Advocacy credential. The national exam is through the Patient Advocacy Certification Board (PACB). Click here for on-line references to find JOB PLACEMENT for Patient Health Advocates.

This exciting, cost-effective continuing education program contains 16 courses. The courses address the most urgent issues in healthcare today. The program is 250 hours in length. It includes 150 course clock hours. Plus, an additional 100 hours of proctored exam and case study requirements for completion. The courses provide approved professional continuing education contact hours, and are appropriate for nurses, educators, and other professionals.

NIWH provides the whole package for success! Whether in private practice or in partnership within a medical practice. Practice building, professional networking, and success mentoring are all available to NIWH learners and graduates from initial enrollment to graduation and beyond! All learners, past and present, are part of the Whole Health Family and Community at NIWH. They are always welcome to participate in additional NIWH activities, workshops, and social media. We want you to succeed!!

Tuition for this program is an outstanding value at $3,495.00. Monthly payment options are also available for $3,795.

NIWH is an Affiliate Member of the APHA APHAlogo-horiz

The 16 courses include:

  • Nutrition Research on Chronic Disease
  • Inflammation and Disease
  • Brain Function and Nutrition
  • Obesity: Hidden Factors
  • Health Advocacy, Shared Decision Making
  • Peer Counseling
  • Mindful Listening
  • Behavioral Engagement
  • Health Information Research
  • Demystifying Medical Language
  • Exercise Physiology
  • Metabolic Syndrome
  • Behavior and Brain Function
  • Living with Chronic Illness
  • Cardiac Whole Health
  • Case Studies Practicum

Read detailed descriptions of the courses on our Whole Health Foundation Courses page. This online, video streamed professional continuing education program is an exceptional value. For more information click on the button below.

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