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Confused about health certification programs? The National Institute of Whole Health (NIWH) provides a free Whole Health Career Guide to help you in choosing a whole health program to benefit your career in whole health and patient-centered care! Give your patients evidence-based, whole health information to prevent disease and improve their well being through self-directed, sustainable lifestyle change.

Since 1977, the mission of NIWH has been to facilitate change in the delivery of health care. Applied by transforming how consumers receive primary care services. This is achieved by educating credentialed professionals to serve their patients and clients through a whole-person care approach. Train with the nationally accredited pioneer and researcher in Whole Health and Whole Health Education®. Earn provider status and an NPI # as a Patient Health Educator, become Board Certified as a Patient Advocate, or earn a NIWH certificate in our hospital tested Whole Health Coaching™ model.

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