Whole Health Education Research Studies

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Whole Health Education Research

“The experience of the program and the overall education has been nothing short of fantastic. There is a common thread throughout the courses which reflects on how everything in our life affects everything else. The program has a unique way of bringing all of this together and really makes you think about complementary approaches to handling common illnesses as well as working towards optimal health.   I would most definitely recommend the program to other healthcare professionals and hospitals.”

Beth Borg, RN, MHA
Clinical Operations Administrator
Mayo Clinic

The pilot studies on Whole Health Education have identified, from the first application of the model in a clinical setting, the impact it brings to transforming health care environments through in the moment mindfully present interactions and demystified, evidence-based patient health education which result in: enhanced patient/client satisfaction; enhanced job satisfaction for providers; increases self-directed patient/client compliance; reduces stress induced errors and workplace attrition.

NIWH’s Behavioral Engagement model affirms, in the words of the model’s founder that “you cannot change old behavior without new information”. Whole Health information offers for health professionals, as well as their patients and clients, knowledge and tools for health maintenance and disease prevention from a whole person approach.

NIWH continues to conduct ongoing Whole Health Education® and Behavioral Engagement with Pure Presence pilot studies. The data generated by these studies examines and evidences the impact of Whole Health Education and Behavioral Engagement on several important outcomes within health care delivery environments.

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