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The NIWH 3-in-1 Whole Health Education® training is
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Do you have a passion to educate and coach your patients and provide them with an authentic understanding of how to achieve their optimal health?

Frequently Asked Questions About Health Coaching

The NIWH 3-in-1 Whole Health Education program, for credentialed health professionals, includes a Whole Health Coaching component which provides tools and knowledge to facilitate a patient’s self-directed and sustainable disease prevention in addition to wellness driven lifestyle changes. NIWH was the first in the country to develop, research and apply a behavioral change coaching model in clinical settings. Our whole health model of behavioral change, Behavioral Engagement with Pure Presence™, is the forerunner of contemporary health coaching models.

The 3-in-1 Whole Health Education program provides 10 video streamed Whole Health Coaching courses as part of the comprehensive training, which also includes Patient Health Advocacy and Whole Health Training. Individual course outlines, handouts, research abstracts, course assignment templates and nationally accredited continuing education contact hours are included. The skills presented in the Whole Health Coaching courses, along with the patient education and advocacy knowledge, are applied in the Case Study portion of the program to provide a real time experience for the learner.

NIWH offers a unique opportunity for certified Health Coaches who are also licensed or credentialed health or education professionals, to earn NPI credentials for billing and coding in private practice. For more information about this exciting opportunity contact NIWH.

The learner earns a separate certificate in Whole Health Coaching, along with the Whole Health Educator certificate diploma and Patient Health Advocacy certificate. Courses are taught by leaders in the fields of evidence-based Whole Health Nutrition, Integrative and Holistic Health Care, Natural Health Training and Health and Wellness Coaching.

In addition, you receive training in the Wellness Inventory, the award-winning self-coaching tool used across the country at colleges, medical centers and in health education practices. NIWH graduates can certify in this coaching specialty at a significant discount. The ten (10) Whole Health Coaching courses include the following: Read course descriptions on our Whole Health Courses page.

  • The Zen of Mindful Listening
  • Peer Counseling
  • Behavioral Engagement
  • Principals of Coaching Part I – History and Foundations
  • Principals of Coaching Part II – The Gremlin
  • Shared Decision Making
  • The Wellness Inventory
  • Cultural Diversity
  • Brain Function and Behavior

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