NIWH Health Detective Program

NIWH Whole Health Detective Program

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Each year, millions of Americans live with unsolved medical conditions. They experience incalculable amounts of pain and suffering, as well as spend hundreds of millions of dollars on trying to find solutions to improve and restore their quality of life.

You, your family members or friends – or your patients, if you are a healthcare provider – may-be belong to this group of struggling individuals searching for answers and solutions to their undiagnosed condition or chronic health problem. Here is one woman’s story:

“Imagine being 62 years old, and you’ve been sick your entire adult life. Imagine that during this time, things have only gotten worse. Imagine that today, despite all this, you must take care of your disabled adult daughter, every household chore.

It all started when Susan was 17: she had just had her wisdom teeth removed. And suddenly, it seemed like her whole life became a whirlwind of sicknesses, pain, and suffering. When the teeth were removed, an infection started. Even after she had the surgery to fix the infection, her pain continued.

“I would get pain in my jaw, grind my teeth at night and, the jaw would lock up on me. To this day, I still cannot open my mouth fully.”

Her hair prematurely turned gray at the same time. Nothing seemed to be going right.

But that was just the beginning of a life-long journey in the life of an undiagnosed person in need of answers.”

In a pilot study partnership with Isabel Healthcare and Crowd Med, the National Institute of Whole Health developed a Health Detective Training program that can be utilized for personal health care or as a tool for health professionals working with patient with chronic or unsolved conditions. This 8 week program is now available to all who wish to explore being a “health detective”!

The 8 week training provides Whole Health knowledge, research skills and using a diagnostic support app which allows the participant to identify the best potential answer to an all too common question – “what’s the matter with me?” You will be able to provide new, evidence-based answers and treatment information for yourself, or others, that can be shared and discussed with a primary care provider to reach a diagnosis solution and the best possible treatment options!
This outstanding training includes:

1. 8 week long supervised training

2. Instruction in using virtual symptom checking platforms like WebMD to develop a medical research and whole health solutions skill set based on NIWH’s clinically tested 5 Aspects of Whole Health™ model.

3. After the completion of 4 case studies, you will receive a beautiful, display worthy Diploma as an NIWH trained Health Detective.

The entire length of the training is 8 weeks, plus follow-up of e-mail feedback on submitted case abstracts. The training includes the instruction, training for the use of diagnostic support app and submission of cases to NIWH, for review to receive the Health Detective diploma.

Here’s what participants have to say about this unique training:

“It’s absolutely brilliant.” – Sandra Nickson
“I found it very exciting and empowering!” – Kelly Newell
“I just loved it!” – Mary Malosh
“It gave me the tools and confidence to be able to solve previously unsolved cases!” – Ann Baker
“It really is a lot of fun!” – Nancy Wells
“So rewarding to be able to uncover the answers to our health conditions.” – Kim Edwards
“It has taken my professional practice as an RN a new level.”- Debra Poggi
“I thoroughly enjoyed the training!” – Carol Manglos
“Greatly beneficial in identifying potential diagnoses.” – Catherine Braendle

Contact us for more information about the program and upcoming trainings.  The cost of the entire program is only $399.00!

Bring your passion for science, your curious mind and any unsolved medical cases you want to help solve, and come away excited, inspired and prepared to help yourself and others take real control of their health and well-being!