10 Reasons To Enroll

Here are the top 10 reasons to enroll in a whole health program with the National Institute of Whole Health.

The NIWH 3-in-1 Whole Health Education® training is
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1. The first reason to enroll? NIWH is the pioneer of Whole Health Education® and the first and only professionally peer-reviewed, accredited Whole Health Training program in the U.S. Since 1977, the National Institute of Whole Health has offered cutting edge, evidence-based, whole-person focused professional development courses and programs for health and education professionals. Renowned hospitals and medical centers have conducted pilot studies based on NIWH’s health behavior change and patient health education model.

2. You earn knowledge, skills, and credentials in three high-demand areas associated with Health Care Reform Mandates. NIWH’s Whole Health Certificate Program includes:

Health Health Care Reform mandate NIWH Whole Health Credential
Disease Prevention and Patient Education Whole Health Educator Certificate/Diploma
Health and Wellness Promotion Whole Health Coach Certificate
Patient Health Advocacy Patient Health Advocacy Certificate

The peer-reviewed, professionally accredited Whole Health Education program includes “the Whole Picture of Health®” demystified, evidence-based health sciences, patient Whole Health Advocacy training and Whole Health Coaching skills all in one comprehensive program. Review the program details to discover more reasons to enroll.

3. One of the best reasons to enroll is to earn knowledge and credentials beyond health coaching. Our evidence-based, “Whole Picture of Health”® courses connect the dots and integrate an understanding of the 5 Aspects of Whole Health, demystifying the physical, emotional, nutritional, environmental and spiritual components of human health and disease. Targeted to health and allied health professionals as well as educators, the program qualifies the health education services you provide to be billed and reimbursed through insurance. See the difference: Whole Health Education certificate vs Health Coaching training.

4. The comprehensive NIWH 3-in-1 Program offers the most value for your investment:

  • Nationally approved CE contact hours for health professionals and allied health professionals: more continuing education hours for the tuition
  • Learners receive introductory training in the Wellness Inventory self-coaching tool through the NIWH curriculum and can go on to complete the Wellness inventory certification at a significantly reduced tuition rate.
  • The most extensive post-graduation networking resources of any comparable post-professional Continuing Education program.
  • Certificate programs are comprehensive 400 content hours, with 200 approved CE contact hours; compare with 30, 60 and 120 hour programs costing from $3,000 – $8000.00.

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5. As a certificated Patient Health Educator, you may qualify for a professional National Provider Identification (NPI) number which enables you to bill insurance companies for your services. In contrast, health coaching and wellness coaching are not billable or reimbursable services. With the evolution of the healthcare landscape, credentialed patient health educators will find their qualifications in great demand. A recent report by the Bureau of Labor and Statistics rates Health Educators among the fastest growing professions for the next 10 years.

6. Professional liability insurance coverage is available to certificated Patient Health Educators, offering protection in private practice or in healthcare employment. NIWH graduates qualify for health education counseling professional liability coverage from the nationally recognized ACA’s HPSO professional liability insurance company. There is no professional liability available for health coaching services as there are no recognized credentialing for health coaching. In addition, services provided by health coaches cannot be billed and reimbursed through insurance. Watch our Health Care Reform video for details

7. A comprehensive, nationally certified expert prepared Health Insurance Billing and Coding Manual enables certified NIWH graduates to comply with mandates and “pay for performance” guidelines. Graduates with their individual NPI number receive a NIWH Billing and Coding Manual for Health Educators. Those who do not have their own individual NPI number receive a Billing and Coding Manual for their employing provider, clinic or medical facility.

8. Enrollment in Healthways Inc., Integrative Healthcare Insurance Network is available to NIWH credentialed graduates. Through a professional partnership with Healthways Inc., all NIWH graduates qualify to become credentialed by Healthways Inc., Integrative Healthcare Networks as Whole Health Advocates and Health and Wellness Coaches.

9. All NIWH learners may test-out for the national Chronic Care Professional (CCP) Certification. Through our educational agreement with HealthSciences Institute (HSI), all NIWH learners qualify for the medically validated and highly sought after Chronic Care Professional certification. The HSI credentials, combined with the NIWH comprehensive, Whole Person Health certificate, will uniquely prepare professionals to engage and best serve individuals at risk of, or affected by, chronic conditions.

10. Certificated NIWH graduates can qualify for additional professionally validated healthcare specialty credentials, including the AHNA Holistic Nurse Certification, AHNCC Board Certified Nurse Coach and the Health Sciences Institute Registered Health Coach. Additional training, such as the Registered Health Coach and the Wellness Inventory, may be taken at significant savings through NIWH’s educational partnership with these leading health care programs.

We hope you found our 10 Reasons To Enroll helpful. Ready? Contact us to schedule an application appointment for eligibility verification and learn more about our Whole Health Training programs!




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Fetzer Institutes Norman Cousins AwardNIWH’s Whole Health Education model was named
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