Chronic Care Professional Certification

Nationally Recognized Chronic Care Professional Certification Test-Out Opportunities for NIWH Learners

CCP - Chronic Care Professional
Additional Nationally Recognized, Health Care Industry Certifications and Registered Health Coach Training available at Special 65% Tuition Reductions for NIWH Learners

In addition to providing to our learners the highest quality of accredited, evidence-based Whole Health Training programs, the professional prerequisites and high educational standards of NIWH also afford its graduates additional opportunities to become further professionally certified with healthcare and medical industry standard credentials.

An NIWH graduate can add to their Whole Health Education credentials and Whole Health Advocacy training the following professional credentials:

1 – NIWH graduates may “test-out” for the HealthSciences Institute’s (HSI) Chronic Care Professional certification*. HealthSciences Institute is a collaborative education partner of the National Institute of Whole Health. HealthSciences Institutes’ Chronic Care Professional program (CCP) is the only nationally accredited program for self-management support.

According to Dr. Blake Andersen, CEO and founder of HealthSciences Institute, “We are delighted to partner with the National Institute of Whole Health, the leader and pioneer in Whole Health Education ®. We share a vision for rigorous standards of training and practice for health care practitioners who work in a health care environment where chronic, not acute conditions, are the main threats to health and independence. These standards are patient-centered and transcend professional disciplines and care settings. They should be based on proficiency, evidence and outcomes. They should also carry the endorsement of the healthcare industry.”

NIWH’s Whole Health Education® training, for health care professionals, has been named by a Harvard affiliate hospital, a Best Practice in Relationship-Centered Care for its evidence-based, whole patient approach. A bestselling, multi-award winning book, Changing Behavior: Immediately Transform Your Relationships with Easy to Learn, Proven Communication Skills, has been published on the behavior change model NIWH has developed and researched over the past 33 years.

Dr. Georgianna Donadio, Program Director of the National Institute of Whole Health, says this about the partnership, “The HealthSciences Institute has accomplished precisely what is necessary to create a positive, sustainable shift in the healthcare system and reduce the chronic disease epidemic – measurable outcomes from rigorous standards. HSI has created the gold standard that all chronic care and health coaching trainings should emulate. NIWH is pleased to afford its professional graduates the opportunity to earn the HSI certifications and further their Whole Health Education® and patient advocacy credentials.”

The qualification criteria and vision for the Chronic Care Professional (CCP) is based on the World Health Organization, the Institutes of Medicine and leading Consumer Advocacy Groups, which emphasize that chronic care improvement and patient-centered care require a shared vision and active engagement of professionals from many disciplines. Testing-out for this valuable credential saves the NIWH professional a great deal of time and tuition costs, as well as delivers the most valuable credential in disease prevention and chronic care management today.

2 – NIWH graduates can register, with a special HSI-NIWH tuition discount, for HealthSciences Institute’s Registered Health Coach®*. HealthSciences Institute’s Registered Health Coach® (RHC) program is the first health coaching credential grounded in the science of health behavior change and learning. Successful completion of the Registered Health Coach credential provides the professional a listing on the national Registered Health Coach registry, used by health facilities and insurance companies for recruitment.

The RHC was developed in partnership with experts in the health field, including the National Institute of Health funded behavioral medicine and health coaching specialists, and is utilized with some of the largest public and private health care organizations in the United States and Canada.

HealthSciences Institute’s award-winning programs have been recognized by the following professional health organizations:

  • Care Continuum Alliance
  • Case Management Society of America
  • National Association of Disease Management and Wellness Professionals
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*Registered Health Coach ® is a Registered Trademark of the Health Science Institute. NIWH graduates qualify to test out for the Chronic Care Practitioner certification and may elect to move on to the Registered Health Coach program, which if successfully completed, leads to registration on the PartnersinImprovement® national online Health Coach Registry®. A special HSI-NIWH discount applies. For more information visit