Healthways Integrative Health Insurance Networks

healthways1 Professional Networking

In 2006, John Reed, MD, then Chief Medical Officer of the Health Support division of Healthways, Inc., one of the country’s largest integrative health insurance networks, worked with the National Institute of Whole Health to establish criteria for the credentialing of their health advocates and health and wellness coaches in the Healthways WholeHealth Networks  and WholeHealth MD national integrative health networks.

As a result, and because of the education and professional prerequisites required to enter any of the NIWH Whole Health Training programs, NIWH graduates are credentialed by the Healthway’s national networks, and their WholeHealth Living Network, as both Whole Health Advocate and a Health and Wellness Coach. This recognition of the professional status of our Whole Health graduates is available only to NIWH graduates who complete the 400 hour training. For details contact NIWH at 888-354-4325.

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