A Whole Person Approach to Health and Healing

Since 1977, the National Institute of Whole Health, has been the pioneers and hospital researchers in the field of Whole Health and Whole Health Education®. We offer the only nationally and professionally accredited, Whole Health program in the country. 
A Whole Health approach views five (5) essential aspects of the individual’s life which influence and contribute to the quality and function of that person’s health and health behaviors.
By understanding the What, How and Why of health and disease, as well as how these aspects integrate to impact your well-being, purpose, happiness and longevity, you can choose the best way to select informed and SUSTAINABLE health behaviors and lifestyle choices.
For over 43 years, the National Institute of Whole Health (NIWH) has offered Whole Health Training for credentialed health professionals to aid in the integration of a Whole Health into mainstream medicine.
The program provides the required training to apply and qualify for secondary Healthcare Provider status, an NPI number for Patient Health Education billing and coding, and professional liability as a patient health educator.
NIWH provides its graduates with an expert prepared billing and coding manual for use in their own private practice or to be utilized in their position within a medical healthcare facility.
Enrollment in our nationally and professionally accredited program is limited, and open only to qualified, trained health and education professionals. An application to NIWH is required so we may independently verify your professional credentials.
For detailed information about our program, please visit our Contact Us page or call us at 888-354-4325.


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