Whole Health and
Whole Health Training

Whole Health and Whole Health Training

Since 1977, the National Institute of Whole Health, the pioneer of Whole Health Education ® and Whole Person Healthcare, has developed, researched and distributed Whole Health curriculums and Whole Health training programs. Whole Health, as developed by NIWH, considers 5 all encompassing aspects of an individual’s health: the physical, emotional/mental, chemical/nutritional, environmental and worldview or spiritual.

The 5 Aspects of Whole Health™ are the foundation of the NIWH Whole Health Education curriculums, which provide healthcare professionals with a new perspective and philosophy for relating to and offering services for their patients. Rather than addressing an individual through a symptom focused, disease focused approach to healthcare, Whole Health acknowledges and examines the dominant elements that impact health and well-being.

The NIWH Whole Health training programs are designed expressly for health and education professionals who want the convenience of accessing educational coursework on-line, 24/7 to suit their busy work and family schedules. The course content consists of streamed video presentations, conducted at Boston area hospitals and medical schools, and streamed to our educational platform by Amazon.com.

The Whole Health trainings include Patient Health Education, Patient Health Advocacy and Whole Health Coaching courses, culminating in the graduate being certificated in all three specialty areas of skill. The Whole Health classroom is available 24/7 from anywhere in the world, using any electronic device that connects to the internet. Learners work with an Academic Adviser who provides course assignment feedback and approved continuing education contact hour certificates.

For more information, explore our website about Whole Health Training, or contact NIWH by email or call NIWH at the phone number at the top of the screen.