Professional Liability Insurance

malpractice 3

Protection Against Financial and Professional Loss or Damage

Malpractice can result from any health or wellness related service to a client or patient. While the incident of malpractice for Whole Health and Wellness professionals is significantly less than for acute care medical services, it only takes one claim to result in a financial and legal nightmare.

Because all NIWH learners are credentialed and pre-qualified before enrolling, upon graduation they can purchase professional malpractice and liability insurance which, in addition to their existing insurance coverage, will protect them legally and financially as they apply their Whole Health training as health information counseling services to their patients and clients.

NIWH has identified a large group of outstanding insurers who provide coverage for health information counseling professionals, as well as wellness counselors. With the current Health Care Mandates, Wellness and Health Education services will be in great demand. Proper credentials and professional liability will be required.

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