Nationally Recognized Credentials


Additional Nationally Recognized Health Care Industry Standard Credentials available for NIWH Graduates

NIWH provides its’ graduates with the qualifications to receive the status of Health Care Provider along with a National Provider Identification (NPI) number for billing and coding for their services as a Patient Health Educator.

In addition to also providing the highest quality of accredited, evidence-based, Integrative and Whole Health courses and certifications, the professional prerequisites and educational standards of NIWH afford its graduates additional opportunities to become further professionally certified with healthcare and medical industry standard credentials.

While no other coaching program offers the same level of credentialing as NIWH, our graduates can add to their Whole Health Education and Health Care Provider credentials the following professional certifications:

1 – NIWH graduates may “test-out” for the HealthSciences Institute’s (HSI) Chronic Care Professional certification*. HealthSciences Institute is a collaborative education partner of the National Institute of Whole Health. HealthSciences Institutes’ Chronic Care Professional program (CCP) is the only nationally accredited program for self-management support.

The qualification criteria and vision for the Chronic Care Professional (CCP) is based on the World Health Organization, the Institutes of Medicine and leading Consumer Advocacy Groups, which emphasize that chronic care improvement and patient-centered care require a shared vision and active engagement of professionals from many disciplines. Testing-out for this valuable credential saves the NIWH professional a great deal of time and tuition costs, as well as delivers the most valuable credential in population health and chronic care management today.

2 – NIWH graduates can register, with a special HSI-NIWH tuition discount, for HealthSciences Institute’s Registered Health Coach®*. HealthSciences Institute’s Registered Health Coach® (RHC) program is the first health coaching credential grounded in the science of health behavior change and learning. Successful completion of the Registered Health Coach credential provides the professional a listing on the national Registered Health Coach registry, used by health facilities and insurance companies for recruitment.

The RHC was developed in partnership with experts in the health field, including the National Institute of Health funded behavioral medicine and health coaching specialists, and is utilized with some of the largest public and private health care organizations in the United States and Canada.

HealthSciences Institute’s award-winning programs have been recognized by the following professional health organizations:

3 and 4 – FOR NURSES – Board Certified Holistic Nurse and/or Board Certified Nurse Coach**. As NIWH is an endorsed program of The American Holistic Nurses Association (AHNA), and an approved program of the American Holistic Nurses Credentialing Corporation (AHNCC), a nurse graduate of the NIWH Whole Health Education for Nurses program can apply their Whole Health courses to the pre-requisite for either the Board Certified Holistic Nurse certification or the Board Certified Nurse Coach certification. These are valuable credentials for any nurse who wishes to work in the fields of holistic nursing or nurse coaching. Learn more about the NIWH holistic nurse courses, training and education programs, and holistic nurse certification.

5. WELLNESS INVENTORY LICENSE – Through an educational partnership with, all NIWH graduates can register for this valuable professional license at a greatly reduced tuition. Read more about the NIWH – Wellness Inventory educational partnership. Read more about the Wellness Inventory license.   

6 – All NIWH graduates qualify to be enrolled and credentialed in the Healthways National Integrative Health Insurance Networks as Whole Health Advocates and Health and Wellness Coaches.

7 – For the NIWH professional looking for a recognized Executive Coaching or Life Coaching credential – the International Coaching Federation (ICF) certification*** training is available through NIWH’s educational partner, Wisdom of the Whole Coaching Academy, formerly the Bark Institute. Dr. Linda Bark offers to NIWH graduates, who are interested in becoming ICF certified, her specially discounted 60 hour training which is accredited by the International Coaching Federation. This credential may be of value to fitness, executive or life coaching professionals. The International Coaching Federation is the largest Life and Executive coaching association in the world. However, PLEASE NOTE: ICF certification is NOT a Health or Wellness Coaching certification.

The National Institute of Whole Health’s comprehensive 400 hour training in chronic care, disease prevention and patient education, positions NIWH graduates to test-out or register for these outstanding additional professional credentials, which are of great value in serving the most currently under served population of Americans – the tens of millions of American’s who are living with chronic disease conditions.

The professional programs are one-year in length. However, NIWH provides, without charge, four (4) additional months to complete. If the learner requires additional time beyond the 16 month period, extension fees apply. Certificate of study program lengths vary, and are a maximum of one-year in length, after which extension fees apply.

All NIWH Whole Health programs offer evidence-based course work which incorporate principles of natural health, health and wellness behavior change, disease prevention and integrative holistic nutrition. NIWH Whole Health programs include accredited and approved continuing education credits for credentialed or licensed medical, health care, wellness, mental health, education, fitness and allied health care professionals. Please see our Accreditation page for details.

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*Registered Health Coach ® is a Registered Trademark of the Health Science Institute. NIWH graduates qualify to test out for the Chronic Care Practitioner certification and may elect to move on to the Registered Health Coach program, which if successfully completed, leads to registration on the PartnersinImprovement® national online Health Coach Registry®. A special HSI-NIWH discount applies. For more information visit

** The AHNCC Board Certified Nurse Coach certification option is available to NIWH nurse graduates, but requires additional mentor coaching hours to sit for the exam. A special NIWH mentor fee discount applies.

*** International Coaching Federation certification may be earned through the NIWH educational partner, Bark Institute, an ICF accredited coaching program option. A special NIWH discount applies.