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Integrative Medicine – The Health Revolution

Integrative Medicine - The Health Revolution Georgianna Donadio, MSc, DC, PhD - There is no doubt that today more and more people are turning to integrative medicine and alternative modalities for their health concerns and disease prevention. This popular movement, winning one out of every two Americans as converts, may seem to some like a [...]

Integrative Medicine – The Health Revolution2023-01-04T17:53:58-05:00

Just What Are Emotions?

By Georgianna Donadio, PhD –  Most of us perceive the brain as being for thinking, or intellectual functions. But then what are emotions? We often think of ourselves, our personality, as what is going on in those intellectual functions from the neck up. In fact, there are several parts to our brain that contribute to who [...]

Just What Are Emotions?2022-06-04T18:06:07-04:00

Addressing Mature Onset Diabetes With A Whole Health Approach

By Georgianna Donadio, MSc, DC, PhD- How do we address mature onset diabetes from a whole health approach? By providing individualized health information that explains the physical, emotional, nutritional, environmental and spiritual aspects of any health concern, Whole Health Education helps patients discern what information they are lacking about their health. It explores what choices [...]

Addressing Mature Onset Diabetes With A Whole Health Approach2021-07-20T21:19:24-04:00


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