NIWH Graduate Spotlight:
Veronika Sumbera, DMD




NIWH is excited to present our new Graduate Spotlight, where each month we highlight a distinguished graduate, who will discuss their experience of the program and how they are utilizing their Whole Health training. This month’s featured graduate is Dr. Veronika Sumbera.

Veronika Sumbera

Q: What drew you to the Whole Health field and the National Institute of Whole Health?

A: Their unique 360° vision. I come from a family of “wholistic parents” and both my parents were physicians. My mother is a gynecologist and my father a pediatrician. Since early age, I remember asking my mom why she was explaining certain things to her patients and I would ask the same to my father.

I grew up in Mexico where I was blessed to be able to even assist with some visits my parents did. They would explain to me why the patient was in a certain state. I remember that my parents would spend so much time talking and listening to their patients.

I grew up thinking that doctors explain and teach their patients how to prevent being in the same situation again. I become a DMD (doctor of medical dentistry) and moved to Europe and worked with this holistic mindset.

Then, I moved to California and literally I was in disbelief to see how doctors work there. I would spend more time filling papers and doing nonsense stuff, then see the patient, ask a couple of questions, then give a prescription, then be done. I couldn’t get licensed as a dentist in California, so I became a volunteer in a Surgery Center helping underserved kids.

I was shocked to see no one would talk about why they ended there. The situations were all 100% preventable, so I started doing a research of how I could help, then shortly after a professor from Italy told me he found something I will love while in USA. It was an article about Health Coaching.

I started the research and after doing a deep, long research was surprised that in many schools when asked what the requirements were, the answer was: we need your name, address and your credit card, and we will email you all the courses… I knew those schools weren’t for me. There are plenty of schools that offer Health Coach training but no one sounded truly professional for me. Then I came across NIWH, and was very attracted to their curricula then after the interview with Dr. Georgianna Donadio, I knew this school was the one!

Q:  Did the Whole Health training meet your professional goals?

A: It went beyond what I could imagine.

Q: How are you currently applying your training from NIWH?

A: Since my graduation, I apply it every day in my own life. In California I used to be a key speaker for a Program called Health of America’s at Berkeley University where I introduced it, and in my Coaching practice in California my clients were very satisfied. For me, it was amazing to see people gaining knowledge and understanding about their situation in such a positive way, then get in the driver’s seat on their journey to wellness. Right now, I am in a transition back to Europe where I will share this amazing program hopefully very soon.

Q: Has the Whole Health Education training impacted your health?

A: Yes! It give you literally the whole picture of the pieces of your life, giving you the awareness and the opportunity to make conscious choices. Once you learn the “Whole Picture of Health™” you know if you are in the direction of wellness or not.

Q: Would you recommend the Whole Health training to others?

A: Absolutely YES! I will highly recommend this program to anyone including to every physician, and to anyone that treasures their quality of life as well as the wellbeing of the planet. The investment in this program is priceless for what it could bring not only in their personal life, but also in our world. Once you understand that everything is connected to everything else you will be inspired to spread wellbeing and peace in the world.

If you are searching for the right school, you have arrived! Dr. Georgianna Donadio put together an amazing and unique program that you will be thankful for – for life! Thinking on her enthusiasm and her unique way to teach brings me a smile and a deep sense of gratitude.