NIWH Graduate Spotlight:
Calandra Eddington


NIWH Graduate Spotlight Questionnaire

Women’s Health Registered Nurse, Birth and Post-Partum Doula, Whole Health Patient Educator,
Wellness Inventory Coach, Essential Oil Specialist

Q: What drew you to the Whole Health field and the National Institute of Whole Health?

A:  During my nursing career, I felt there was more to nursing than telling patients the plan of care based on what the doctor prescribed or recommended. Many social, economic, and environmental factors were never considered.

Patients were discharged from the hospital and the clinics and were confused about their plan of care. In addition to that, many patients did not feel they were heard. Being the patient advocate that I am, I started researching other ways I could make a difference as a nurse.

To be able to service my community as a nurse, I was drawn to holistic nursing. An ad for the NIWH appeared as a pop-up while I was browsing on the American Holistic Nurses Association’s website.

As I read the information, I desired to join this program to reach one of many goals as a future holistic nurse. Looking from a whole person perspective is what health care really needs at this point

Q:  Did the Whole Health training meet your professional goals?

A: This program met all my expectations to further my career in holistic nursing. Seeing a patient as a whole person instead of a person with a symptom to be treated aligned with my desire of knowing there was more to nursing and healthcare overall.

Through this program, I also furthered my training to become a health and wellness coach via Healthworld’s online Wellness Inventory certifications. Lastly, Whole Health training developed my confidence to further my education as a Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner with Georgetown’s University’s MSN and DNP program. Being a whole health educator, patient advocate, wellness coach, and a future medical provider will give the women I serve a holistic healthcare experience.

Q: How are you currently applying your training from NIWH?

A: This program allowed me to educate my current coaching clients about the 5 Aspects of Whole Health™ and assisting them in evaluating their own confidence levels through SMART goals to reach their desired health outcome(s). As their advocate, I provide my clients with resources, evidence-based materials, and accountability to improve their quality of life as much as possible by using the Whole Person Model.

Most of my interactions are virtual currently, but there are desires to partner with OBGYNs and women’s health nurse practitioners and midwives to meet the demands of the communities where I reside.

Q: Would you recommend the Whole Health training to others?

Yes, I would recommend this training to any nurse who desires to make a positive, impactful, change in healthcare. This type of learning is different than the education received in nursing school, but it does expand your thinking and your views on health in general. We need more Whole Health Education® in healthcare and nurses can be part of the change that is desperately needed in healthcare.