NIWH Graduate Spotlight:
Ann Baker



NIWH Graduate Spotlight Questionnaire

Ann Baker, BSN, MPH


Ann Baker

Q: What drew you to the Whole Health field and the National Institute of Whole Health?

A: I love to work with clients giving them the “Big Picture of Health®” and teaching them ways to prevent disease or improve their health.” “I graduated from NIWH and after 6 months, already had a growing practice. Clients really respond to the whole person focused 5 Aspects of Whole Health™.

Q: How are you currently applying your training from NIWH?

A: “My referral partners, including physicians and mental health professionals, are thrilled that I have an NPI number as a patient health educator, as it makes my health education services more available to their patients.”

Q: Are you pleased you are able to serve others through Whole Health?

A: “Much gratitude to NIWH which has produced the best whole health and
patient advocacy program in the country.”