NIWH Graduate Spotlight: Ladsine Taylor


NIWH Graduate Spotlight Questionnaire
Ladsine Taylor, MSN, RN, GNP-BC, CDP, BCPA

Ladsine Taylor

What drew you to the Whole Health field and the National Institute of Whole Health?

A: I have always had an interest in health promotion, wellness and education. Having been a social worker for several years prior to my current career in nursing, I felt something was missing in the care for my patients. Not only in my direct nursing role but also in my current position as an advanced practice provider. I wanted to broaden my knowledge base; I wanted a new view on things rather than always focusing on disease and treatment.

As I was searching for doctoral studies program, I discovered the National Institute of Whole Health. I read about NIWH philosophy of treating the person from a whole person view which aligned with my goals and values and philosophy of health and well-being. It was the connecting piece for me that allowed me to integrate all my education and experiences to enhance my care for the patients I served and my community involvement. I called NIWH and set up a time for an interview, met its qualifications and enrolled in the program.

Q:  Did the Whole Health training meet your professional goals?

A: Yes.  It has given me a better understanding of disease, behaviors, interventions and how everything is interdependent and interconnected to each other!  I love education and being able to have the special skill to provide demystified health information via Behavioral Engagement with Pure Essence which was an additional bonus! I would not have received this in any traditional school setting. The training is scientific, and evidence based.

Q: How are you currently applying for your training from NIWH?

A:  I have applied this training to my personal life and have made lifestyle changes to better my health.  Also, I have applied my training from NIWH from the lens of the 5 Aspects of Whole Health®. When I see and evaluate patients daily and focus on education that empower my patients to facilitate changes they desire to make. Then, coach them following up on their progress and advocate by providing them additional resources or information needed.

Q: Would you recommend the Whole Health training to others?

A:  Definitely! This should be incorporated into all Nursing, Medical, Allied Health programs!