NIWH Graduate Spotlight: Danielle Henderson


NIWH Graduate Spotlight Questionnaire

Danielle Henderson MPH,

Danielle Henderson


Q: What drew you to the Whole Health field and the National Institute of Whole Health?

A: I am fortunate that the field of Whole Health came to me in a unique way! I was serving as a Coordinator for an organization called HealthCorps. In this role, I worked as a health advocate in a high school. Some of my duties included teaching health, implementing before and after school health and wellness activities, and leading a wellness council.

At the time, there was a partnership between NIWH and HealthCorps that allowed coordinators to complete training to become a certified Wellness Coach and Whole Health Educator. I took advantage of this opportunity and am so glad I did because this in conjunction with being a Coordinator for HealthCorps jumpstarted my personal wellness journey.

Q:  Did the Whole Health training meet your professional goals?

A: Whole Health Training helped me determine what path I wanted to take in my career. It inspired me to share what I had learned with other individuals and communities and led to me receive a Master of Public Health degree.

Q: How are you currently applying your training from NIWH?

A: Personally, I apply what I’ve learned in my training from NIWH everyday in my life, and I share it with my family and friends. Professionally, as a professor of public health, I share what I’ve learned with my students. I communicate with them about all aspects of health to enable to them to learn more about their health and share the knowledge with others.

Q: Would you recommend the Whole Health training to others?

Absolutely. Whole Health training is an eye-opening experience that has honestly changed my life. I wish everyone could participate! It’s a revolutionary way of thinking about health!