Whole Health Coaches Paving the Path to Better Health, both Mentally and Physically

Whole Health Coaches Paving the Path to Better Health, both Mentally and Physically

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When it comes to taking good care of health emotionally, mentally, and physically, whole health coaches along with patient health advocates are viable options.

By Georgianna Donadio, MSc., PhD.

Wellesley, Massachusetts, June 2023 – There’s no doubt in the fact that a great number of individuals are turning to these champions solely due to the reason of bringing a paradigmatic shift in their lifestyle. In addition, these unsung heroes of the healthcare industry play quite a crucial role in helping people ditch unhealthy habits and embrace new, healthier ones. As a result, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that whole health coaches and patient health advocates have become a kind of necessity for almost everyone in today’s day and age.

“It’s pretty common for people to come up with goals and objectives to achieve. However, having the same motivation in order to achieve the results requires constant efforts, which many fail to put in when working alone.” stated the Chair of the NIWH Advisory Board, Dr. Georgianna Donadio. “However, most of the time, people fail to obtain their desired result as they fail to put in the required efforts because they are unaware of what they are. In such cases, whole health coaches come into play. Not only do they help their clients in coming up with realistic, actionable goals, but also aid them regarding how to achieve said goals and objectives effectively and efficiently.” she further added.

Talented patient health advocates who have received accreditation from recognized Whole Health training programs assist clients by evaluating their current lifestyles and habits to identify their goals. After doing so, they then work along with their clients and take each and everything into consideration to develop custom-tailored, achievable objectives. By constructing an effective plan of action in collaboration with a well-versed whole health coach, you’ll be on your way to a happier and healthier lifestyle.

“It would be obvious to say that your well-being is important. The prime reason is that poor health negatively impacts all aspects of your life. Not only does it affect you but also the people around you. When you’re feeling unwell, it’s practically impossible to be productive and enjoy the things you usually do. Hence, it’s vital to take all the necessary steps to enhance your health, which eventually improves your quality of life simultaneously.” said Kimberly Blaise, Director of Student Services for the National Institute of Whole Health. “One of the most effective ways to put a checkmark next to your goal is to break it down into smaller, digestible pieces. For instance, you’d want to lose weight, so you might want to set a milestone that you’d lose five pounds this month. Upon completion of this milestone, set another goal to lose five more pounds the next month and so on. The chief reason behind people failing to achieve their goal is the fact that they aren’t aware of how to break down goals effectively and efficiently.” he added.

It’s no secret that changing the dynamics of your lifestyle can be intimidating. However, it’s become relatively easy if you have someone along the way to help you through the mess. Well-trained patient health advocates and whole health coaches assist in keeping you in check and aligned with your health goals and objectives. Most of the time, people get off track and lose their motivation as they’ve no one to be accountable for.

“Today’s advanced Whole Health training programs produce talented patient health advocates that enable them to act as a ray of hope for the ones struggling to maintain their emotional, mental and physical well-being. In other words, they offer great support and guidance to help clients make informed, healthy decisions,” stated Dr. Georgianna Donadio, NIWH program Director and faculty member. “Apart from developing various strategies for reaching the goals and objectives, health coaches have the necessary information required to make a sound decision. In addition, the health navigators provide various helpful tips regarding exercise, diet, and so forth to ensure the clients get the most out of the decisions they make on a daily basis.” she further added.

Aside from the fact that whole health coaches lend a helping hand when it comes to reaching your goals, they uniquely place their clients in the center of their care and encourage them to take control of their health. It doesn’t necessarily mean that the clients are left all alone to look after their well-being; rather, they’re accompanied by professional health coaches who play a significant role in treating clients in an effective and efficient manner.

Health coaching isn’t about telling the patient what’s the matter with you. Instead, the entire concept of whole health revolves around what matters to you the most. In a nutshell, patient health advocates are on the back end while the clients themselves are on the front end addressing personal health battles.

“Health coaches only put the key into the ignition, and then the client can shift the gear and accelerate their health toward betterment. However, it must be kept in mind that patient health advocates become their beacon of knowledge and help them navigate through the complex healthcare system while simultaneously enabling them to make the right call when and where required,” stated Conor MacCormack, a 2010 honors graduate of the NIWH Health Advocate program. “By developing a positive mindset and goal setting, they ensure you stick to your healthy lifestyle. Moreover, health coaches take all the necessary actions required to aid clients in identifying the areas which require the most improvement. As a result, whole health coaches empower clients to overcome the unforeseeable barriers and help them reach their full potential effectively and efficiently.” he added.

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