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Welcome to the non-public News page for NIWH Learners page. Here you will find the latest news, training and events information for the National Institute of Whole Health. News is happening all the time, so please visit this page often to keep abreast of the latest in Whole Health!


January, 2020 – Overall employment of health educators is projected to grow 11 percent from 2018 to 2028, much faster than the average for all occupations.

November – December 2019 – Dr. Bill Croft has done it again!

Congratulations Bill!! He has won the master’s and open 181 lb AAU World Championship Push-pull and Dead lift competition at a body weight of 170 lbs. He set 2 American and 2 World records in the masters 55-59 age group by pulling a 618 lb Dead lift and a two lift 921 lb total. Bill also won the Dead lift for reps at 464 lbs for 10 reps in 60 seconds which was also a new World and American record. Congratulate Bill at

NIWH is pleased to announce is new 6 month accelerated, Whole Health
track for those who wish to move more quickly through the curriculum
and earn their NPI credentials. Visit our “Accelerated Program” page for details.

September, 2019 Upcoming Live Call in Schedule:

Staring on September 22, 2019 we will begin the 2019-2020
live call-ins. Everyone is invited to attend or request a
copy of the taped call. All learners and grads will receive a personal
e-mail invitation prior to the call dates with confirmation of times and
all the information needed to participate.

Here is the schedule: times may be subject to change

Sunday – September 22, 2019 – 7:00 – 8:30 pm EST
Sunday – October 20th, 2019 – 7:00 – 8:30 pm EST
Sunday – November 17th, 2019 – 7:00 – 8:30 EST
Sunday – December 15th, 2019 -7:00 – 8:30 EST
Sunday – January 19th, 2020 – 7:00 – 8:30 EST
Sunday – February 23, 2020 – 7:00 – 8:30 EST
Sunday – March 22, 2020 – 7:00 – 8:30 EST
Sunday – April 19th, 2020 – 7:00 – 8:30 EST
Sunday – May 24, 2020 – 7:00 – 8:30 EST
Sunday – June 14th, 2020 – 7:00 – 8:30 EST

Hope you can join us!

DECEMBER, 2018 – SO EXCITING! Dr. Donadio will be discussing
and organizing INTENTION groups among our learners and grads
for success manifestation! Here is her interview with the amazing
Lynn McTaggart whose research is ground breaking.

NOVEMBER, 2018MUST READ ARTICLE on how 45 minutes of patient education boosts chronic disease management!

October, 2018 –
Interview with NIWH graduate Jacqui Bryan – Listen to nurse Jacqui Bryan’s interview on iHeart Radio, am/fm networks and more – sharing her personal story and experience of NIWH.

September, 2018 – We are happy to share that NIWH Academic Adviser Dr. Bill Croft recently returned from the AAU World Weight Lifting Championships, where he celebrated his 40th year of competitive lifting with a world-class showing!

He won Best Overall Male Power Lifter – in all age and weight classes – for the three day event, pulling 617.5 lbs at a body weight of 171 lbs, setting two American and two World records, and a lifetime Master’s Group record (ages 55 – 59 category).

Additionally, while battling a round of vertigo, Dr. Croft competed in the Feats of Strength competition, where he set a further 6 combined American and World records for power lifting repetitions – 21 repetitions of 424 pounds in 60 seconds, equaling out to 8,904 total lbs! Dr. Croft – who was has been both a vegan and vegetarian during his competitive career – is an inspiration and role model for the 5 Aspects of Whole Health in action! Congratulations Dr Croft, we are so proud and pleased to have you as our Senior Academic Advisor!

August 2018 – New Fall Call-In Schedule
All live calls-ins are on Sunday evenings:

September 23rd at 6-7:00 EST and 7-8:00 EST
October 21st at 6-7:00 EST and 7-8:00 EST
November 25th at 6-7:00 EST and 7-8:00 EST
December 16th at 6-7:00 EST and 7-8:00 EST
Conference: 617-758-8818 No PIN needed

March 2018 – NIWH billing manual updates available
New Billing and Coding Manuals for graduates are available. You may contact program services formore information on having the manual sent to you.

January 2018 – Program tuition increases due March 2018
Program tuition for our 3-in- 1 program is scheduled to inscrease on March 14th. The new tuition fees will be published on the FEES page of the website.

December 2017 – Wishing all of you a happy , healthy holiday season!
We wish all of you and your families a safe and peacfilled holiays and a prosperous New Year in 2018~
October 2017 – NIWH adds new CE courses
New continuing education courses are avilable for NIWH graduates. for more information e-mail the Program Services Department at

> August 2017 – NIWH monthly call in seminars will be delays this yeminars will be delays this year. Our call-ins, which normally begin in late September will not begin until
late October due to scheduling conflicts. More information to follow.

> May 2017 – NIWH has partnered with MINDBODY a practice management tool for wellness professionals. All NIWH learners will receive 3 months at 50% off their monthly software subscription. This outstanding partnership also affords NIWH certified Whole Health graduates with a free demonstration of the MINDBODY practice software. MINDBODY low cost practice management allows professionals to manage their schedules and clients/patients from any device. In addition, MINDBODY app allows consumers to find your private practice and book an appointment with you. Click here to learn more.

March 2017 – Learners Can Now Access Monthly Call-In Recordings
NIWH is pleased to announce that learners can now go to the UberConference call-in site and listen to audio files of the monthly presentations. For more information, please watch for the e-mail reminder messages sent out 2x per month.

February 2017 – Whole Health Lecture Series Announced
Beginning in February, a four-part presentation on how to develope a success practice using your Whole Health training and credentials will be presented on the third Sunday evening of each month. Information and details will be send via e-mail reminders.

October 2016 – Schedule for Q & A Phone Seminars
By learner request, the monthly Q & A calls will FOCUS on the CASE STUDIES portion of the training, providing insights and guidance for successful client interaction.
Upcoming days and times are:
November 13th at 7:00 pm EST
December 11th at 7:00 pm EST
January 8th at 7:00 EST
The call-in information is as follows:
Conference: 617-758-8818 No PIN needed URL:

September 2016NIWH Fall Schedule for Phone Seminars is:
September 18th Jerry Kantor, Lic.Ac, CCH,MMHS
Homeopathic Medicine and training opportunities
October 16th Anne Lowenthal, MPH
Aromatherapy for Professional and Private Use
This presentation starts at 7:30 instead of 7:00 pm

November 20th Jai Kaur LeBlanc, MA
Enhancing Your Practice thru Media Communication and Blogging
December 18th Cynthia Pascuito, Esq
What You Need to Know to Start Your Practice

All calls are on the 3rd Sunday evening of the month at 7:00 EST.
The call-in information is as follows:
Conference: 617-758-8818 No PIN needed URL:

August 2016NIWH Receives ICE Accreditation
NIWH is pleased to announce that our 3-in-1 Whole Health Education program
has been accredited by the Institute of Credentialing Excellence and is the first and only accredited national program in Patient Education, Advocacy and Health Coaching.

May 2016NIWH graduate needs your help – Angela Starks, a 2012 NIWH graduate, health professional and mother, has advanced breast cancer. She says of her diagnosis: “…the oncologists admitted the prognosis was not good even with their full arsenal. I saw no point of going through those modalities, making myself sicker, with next to no hope for remission. Therefore, I have embarked on a fascinating holistic & integrative healing journey. I cannot say cancer has been a blessing, but what incredible blessings it has brought into my life!”

Please visit Angela’s YouCaring site where she shares her story and please lend her your support.

April 2016NIWH’s Whole Health and Behavioral Engagement models to become the focus of a behavioral health department at MSU’s College of Human Medicine. The proposed registered clinical trial study is slated for 2017.

March 2016NIWH’s Behavioral Engagement Blue Cross Blue Shield funded study at CMU to be presented at the May, 2016 American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists Annual Scientific & Clinical Congress by the medical physician who was the Primary Investigator on the study.

February 2016 – NIWH’s Changing Behavior #1 Amazon Bestseller
The soon to be updated , Changing Behavior is an Amazon #1 Bestseller!
Congratulations to NIWH and Dr. Donadio for this multi-award winning book

1 Amazon Best Seller

January 2016 – Best wishes for a joyous and prosperous 2016!
Please mark your calendars for upcoming Sunday evening monthly seminars:
Jan. 23rd at 7:00 EST Home Blood Testing for Self-Care with Dr. Donadio
Feb. 20th at 7:00 EST
Vegan Sports Nutrition with Dr. Bill Croft
March 13th at 7:00 EST Jacqui Laughlin, MSN, RN Infant & Maternal Health
April 24th at 7:00 EST Linda Bark – Health Coaching Outcome Studies
May 15th at 7:00 EST
Brain Meredith – the NIWH Billing Manual! DO NOT MISS IT!
June 12th at 7:00 EST Jacqui Bryan, BSN, NIWH graduate on creating a successful Whole Health Practice and standout website

November 2015 – NIWH Signs Research Collaborative with Michigan State University College of Human Medicine –
NIWH has just signed a Research Collaborative agreement with MSU’s College of Human Medicine for ongoing research on Whole Health Education and Behavioral Engagement with Pure Presence (BEPP) studies. One study on BEPP has already been completed and awaits publication. Links to the press release and published study will follow as soon as available.

September 2015 – Calendar for September – December call in seminars: 617-758-8818 NO PIN needed

September 27th – “Get to KNOMii –
October 25th – Q & A with Attorney Cynthia Pascuito –
November 15th “We are all walking each other home.”
December 13th – Natural Solutions for Healing

August 2015 – Watch for the e-mail with the Fall 2015 FREE Seminar dates!

July 2015 – AMAZING Ted Talk “Emotional Hygiene” video Guy Winch, PhD, has provided a “must see” video on emotional hygiene. Whole person focused, evidence-based, this video will add to your health information for patients/clients.

May 2015 – CMU Research on Behavior Engagement submitted to Behavior Health Journal! Doctors Aldasouq (MSU) and Clipper (CMU), the Primary Investigators on our Blue Cross/Blue Shield funded, physician focused, pilot study using Behavioral Engagement, have completed analysing the study data and have submitted it to Behavioral Health Journal. In addition, a U.S. Department of Health and Human Services funded pilot study on BE is beginning in June, 2015. In 2016, a randomized clinical trial study is beginning on BE, which will be funded by major government organizations and insurance companies. We will link to the Journal article once its published. Stay tuned ~

April 2015 – A New Partnership and a new NIWH program offering! NIWH is pleased to announce our recent partnership with Isabel Healthcare, innovators of diagnostic support tools and patient education apps. As part of the pilot study NIWH is conducting with, Isabel is supplying our pilot health detectives with their outstanding apps for use during the study. As we move forward with our new HEALTH DETECTIVE Training program, we will provide the licenses for these apps to the course participants. For more information go to the Health Detective Training program page.

March 2015 – On-line listing for NIWH Whole Health professionals! ATTN: Educators and Advocates – If you would like to be included in our upcoming on-line search app for individuals looking for Whole Health professionals, please send your name, credentials, zip code, e-mail and phone number to If you offer on-line, Skype or telephone consulting please let us know and we will cross reference you with any and all zip codes as an on-line professional with national reach.

February 2015 – Participate in a Health Detective Pilot Study If you have ever wanted to “solve mysteries” and be a health detective for unsolved medical conditions, now is your opportunity! NIWH has just signed a new partnership with, (read press release) and we are offering an 8 week training for those who have completed the first 24 courses or have graduates from the NIWH program. The best “detectives” from the training will be offered a paid position with the Pilot Study to do summaries for the case study clients using the 5 Aspects approach from our Whole Health Education training. If you are interested in participating, please contact Dr Donadio 508-785-2592 or

January 2015 – HAPPY NEW YEAR! NIWH starts 2015 off with success building tools for NIWH Learners and Graduates – FREE Business Development and Practice Management seminars – Beginning January 25th, 2015 from 7:00 – 8:00 pm EST, NIWH is providing to all of it’s current students and certified graduates free business development and practice management seminars. These seminars will not be recorded. Additional dates are 2/22/15, 3/29/15 and 4/26/15 and include Social Media Utilization, Success Coaching and a Business & Legal overview of how to enhance or create your own practice or fee for service business. To sign-up for the seminar please e-mail us at

November 2014 – NIWH Partners with RN Patient Advocates to provide Whole Health curriculum to patient advocate training. NIWH has partnered with RN Patient Advocates to create a blended program of patient advocacy training plus Whole Health courses. Nurses who complete this blended program, planned for 2015, will have job placement through RN Patient Advocates to meet the increasing demand for patient health advocacy professionals. A Press Release will be issued soon.

October 2014 – NEW ACCREDITATION – NIWH has received approval from the American Association of Family Physicians to provide 20 CME Catagory I contact hours for medical and osteopathic physicians, as well as Physician Assistants, Nurse Practitioners and credentialed Medical Assistants. See our NEWS BRIEF for more details.

September 2014 – NEW RESEARCH Identifies workplace culture as more important that Wellness Programs – A Stanford University study published in April, 2014 provides data on the over riding importance in transforming the work culture over providing health and wellness programs. The study demonstrates the need for improved relational and communication skills in the workplace, which are more important than wellness programs in the workplace. This study supports efforts to identify remedies to these issues. Physicians at the Michigan State University MSU’s Institute for Health Policy are spearheading a registered Clinical Trial study on Behavioral Engagement with Pure Presence which begins in January 2015. If you wish to become certified in Behavioral Engagement as a Communications Facilitator (see workshop below) contact Program Services at 888-354-4325.

FREE BOOK and DVD – While the supply lasts, receive one of the recommended reading book list for free! The RAVE Diet by Mike Anderson and the DVD “Eating” have been called “Provocative, entertaining, inspiring!” If you wish to receive a free copy of both the book and DVD (a $45.00 retail value) call the Business Office at 888-354-4325 on Monday or Thursday and Maureen Landry will be happy to assist you. There is a $3.00 shipping charge to cover the cost of mailing.

Licensed Master Teacher Training Starting: NIWH is offering to a limited number of only 8 learners, our licensed Master Teach training in Whole Health Education. The training is 6 months in duration with 24 Whole Health Video courses and 6 live, telephonic workshops and 2 in person weekend intensives. The focus of this training is to earn the credentials to become a director/owner of a Whole Health Education program, which includes selected Whole Health Foundation courses and original specialty courses each trained Master Teacher selects to offer through their individual Whole Health Education program. For example: a licensed Master Teacher could offer a Whole Health Education® with Stress Reduction Counseling program, or any specialty the Master Teacher may be qualified to teach, i.e., Meditation, Yoga, Cooking Healthy, Raw Foods, Exercise and Fitness, Healthy Lifestyle Counseling and many options! Classes begin Tuesday, November 4th. The cost for the entire program is $3755.00. For more information contact the NIWH Registrar’s Office at 888-354-4325.

August 2014 success magnifiying glassLimited Enrollment – Sign-up now for the limited enrollment Whole Health Success Telephonic Workshop scheduled for Tuesday evenings followed with a personal 45 minute consult, to put you on the path to your “Right Work” and best career success! Only 12 may enroll. Workshop cost is $259.00 and includes FREE access for graduates to the NEW Wellness Inventory Course.


Currently the subject of three pilot studies through CMU, and an upcoming Clinical Trial Study at Michigan State University School of Medicine, the Behavioral Engagement Certificate on-line Webinar and Video Training in “Communication Facilitation” is available to all NIWH learners and graduates for a tuition of $259.00, includes FREE access for graduates to the NEW Wellness Inventory course.

JULY 2014 – Coming this Fall – An additional course is being added to the 24 Whole Health training foundation courses! NIWH is pleased to now include an Endocrine course presentation as part of the Whole Health curriculum. For NIWH graduates, the Endocrine course will be available in the Continuing Education section.
JUNE 2014 – The Wellness Inventory is now part of the NIWH curriculum! All current NIWH learners will be taking this amazing training and all NIWH graduates will be able to take the program FREE when they are enrolled in (1) the 8 week, on-line Communication Facilitator training being held in October, 2014, or (2) sign-up for a Whole Health three course CE package. Contact us for more information.

May 2014 Re-certification Refresher Program Now Available to NIWH Graduates For NIWH graduates who have not re-certified since 2008, and wish to enjoy the many professional benefits of their WHE certification, a 10 course re-certification program is now available.

Join the Whole Health Linked In Group Created by Heather Novak, graduate of the Whole Health Education and coaching program, this is a space for students and graduates to connect and share with each other about anything pertaining to whole person health, including latest news, business issues and celebrations, and anything else relating to our program and the NIWH. Log into Linked In then search under Groups for: National Institute of Whole Health (NIWH) and request to join! We are looking forward to meeting you there! Read more about Heather and her transformative health work in the field of Whole Health Fertility by visiting her website site at

NIWH is pleased and excited to announce that starting on June 1st, 2014, the addition of the Wellness Inventory to our Case Study – Practicum coursework. As a result of the educational partnership between NIWH and, all Whole Health Education certification learners will complete a course about this outstanding wellness and self-care tool, as well as receive their own Wellness Inventory program for personal use. NIWH offers Healthcare reform Webinar on Health and Wellness Education For detailed information about the exciting changes the healthcare reforms are creating for Health Educators, download our free webinar

March 2014U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics Job Outlook – Health Educators and Community Health Workers (public health educators) Percent change in employment, projected 2012-22 Community health workers (public health educators) 25% Health educators and community health workers 21% Health educators 19% Total, all occupations 11% Growth will be driven by efforts to improve health outcomes and to reduce healthcare costs by teaching people about healthy habits and behaviors and utilization of available health care services. Health educators and community health workers help people understand how what they do affects their health. The need to provide the public with this kind of information is expected to result in an increased demand for health educators and community health workers.

February 2014 – Billing Manual for Certified NIWH Health and Wellness Educators NIWH has published a Billing and Coding Manual exclusively for our graduates who qualify for an individual NPI number! The manual is available. If you are interested in obtaining an NPI number and need additional information to do so, please e-mail our legal department at

January 2014Would you like to have a provider NPI number? Certified NIWH graduates with a BA or BS in a related field (education, psychology, social work, nursing, exercise, etc) can parlay their Whole Health Certification into a Chronic Care Professional certification, purchasing their Health Educator professional liability insurance and contact the NIWH Legal Department to assist them in registering for their own NPI provider number. Read more. Here is a quote from one of our recent graduates who now has a Health Education NPI number: I recently completed the NIWH’s Whole Health Education [certification] program for Nurses. I found the entire program engaging and motivational. I have applied for and received my NPI number as a health educator. The NPI number allows for free standing clinics to partner and/or contract with me and also receive payment for my services as well as meet the requirement of meaningful use as required by the Affordable Care Act. The NPI number also allows my personal clients to be reimbursed, either partially or fully, by their private insurances or flexible spending plans. This relieves a financial burden for my clients and increases their chances for success through additional sessions.” Melissa Sperry RN, BSN

December 2013 – Current Continuing Education Course List for NIWH Learners In order to partake in the many professional opportunities NIWH has developed for its graduates, you must have a current re-certification with NIWH, as outlined in your graduation documents. This is easily achieved by signing up for one of our many outstanding Whole Health Education on-line video streamed courses or any three (3) of the Whole Health Living non-video on-line continuing education courses. These courses provide 8 CE contact hours and qualify you to participate in the professional opportunities available for NIWH graduates.

November 2013 – MINDBODY Networking Opportunity A highly valuable NO COST graduate opportunity! NIWH has partnered with MINDBODY, a national on-line directory of credentialed integrative health care professionals. See Press Release.

October 2013 – NIWH Offers Licensed Master Teacher Training An exciting opportunity for certified Whole Health Education graduates! Rolling out in the fall of 2014, NIWH is offering a licensed Master Teacher training for qualified graduates who wish to be licensed by NIWH to teach Whole Health Education and utilize the NIWH curriculum courses to develop individually created curriculums that graduates can create and register with NIWH.

September 2013 – NIWH Learners can test-out for Chronic Care Professional (CCP) National Certification Through an educational partnership with HealthScience Institute, NIWH Whole Health Educator learners and graduates can now sign up to “test-out” for an important and highly sought after national certification as a Chronic Care Professional. Because of the comprehensive 400 hours of training NIWH provides, learners and graduates can take this national certification, which is a credential sought after by Blue Cross and Blue Shield, medical and healthcare facilities, hospitals and practices as this certification focuses on disease prevention, population health and patient education. Read more about this important certification. To register for the CCP national certification at a 65% savings follow this link.

August 2013 – WHOLE HEALTH ADVOCATES – Many of our learners are interested in working as patient educators and patient health advocates. The Health Advocacy professional is emerging as an important participant in the new mandates. NIWH has a Whole Health Advocacy program and is an affiliate of the Alliance of Professional Health Advocates, which provides a discounted membership benefit for our learners who wish to direct their Whole Health training into the field of private health advocacy practice. View our listing on the Alliance of Professional Health Advocates.