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The National Institute of Whole Health (NIWH), is pleased to partner with HealthSciences Institute (HSI), developer of the only nationally recognized, accredited training and certification program in health coaching for patient engagement, lifestyle management and chronic disease self-care support.

The partnership brings HSI’s award winning and validated programs, Chronic Care Professional (CCP) and Registered Health Coach (RHC) ®, to qualified NIWH patient education and health behavior change professionals. The HSI credentials, combined with the NIWH comprehensive, Whole Person Health certifications, will uniquely prepare professionals to engage and best serve individuals at risk of, or affected by, chronic conditions.

According to Dr. Blake Andersen, CEO and founder of HealthSciences Institute, “We are delighted to partner with the National Institute of Whole Health, the leader and pioneer in Whole Health Education ®. We share a vision for rigorous standards of training and practice for health care practitioners who work in a health care environment where chronic, not acute, conditions, are the main threats to health and independence. These standards are patient-centered and transcend professional disciplines and care settings. They should be based on proficiency, evidence and outcomes. They should also carry the endorsement of the healthcare industry.”

NIWH recommends that every professional working in the Disease Prevention, Wellness, Chronic Care Coordination or Health Coaching arenas of healthcare become CCP certified.  NIWH is pleased to be able to provide for its learners, through the partnership with HealthSciences Institute, these outstanding programs at significant discounts.

The qualification criteria and vision for the HealthSciences Institute Chronic Care Professional (CCP) are based on the World Health Organization, the Institute of Medicine and leading Consumer Advocacy Groups, which emphasize that today, better health care requires the active engagement of the interdisciplinary healthcare team, a shared platform for health support, and evidence-based chronic care knowledge with health coaching skills, like those advocated for medical care.

The National Institute of Whole Health’s comprehensive 400-hour training in disease prevention, from a patient directed self-care model, positions NIWH graduates for a self-study and test-out option for the Chronic Care Professional Certification–reducing time and costs for NIWH graduates, while earning the only nationally and internationally recognized credential in chronic care and health coaching for clinical and non-clinical healthcare team professionals.

Following CCP certification, NIWH graduates have the opportunity to earn HealthSciences Institute’s Registered Health Coach® (RHC) credentials and listing on the National Health Coach Registry. RHC is based on motivational interviewing (MI)—an approach supported by over 300 rigorous clinical trials, combined with evidence-based steps for developing and accessing health coaching proficiency.
CCP - Chronic Care Professional1. CCP Examination and Program Manual  

Through a partnership of the National Institute of Whole Health and HealthSciences Institute, NIWH learners can earn HSI’s Chronic Care Professional  (CCP) and the Registered Health Coach ® (RHC) health care industry standard credentials, at reduced tuition fees. It begins with the first of three components. The first is the Chronic Care Professional certification. The fee for NIWH learners is discounted from the HSI $1395.00 to $349 for the exam, plus $249.95 for a CCP certification program manual required to prepare for the exam. Because of the Whole Health training that learners receive at NIWH, they are qualified to “test-out” for HSI’s CCP certification.

To register for the Chronic Care Professional program click here:
NIWH – CCP Examination and Program Manual
Use code NIWHX during the checkout process

Be sure to click on Re-Calculate to receive your tuition reduction. Please review the examination policies and the RHC training and proficiency requirements prior to purchase. Upon attaining a score of 70 or better on the CCP Examination (participation in the 40-hour learning program is waived), NIWH learners may begin training for the Registered Health Coach (RHC) credential.

2. NIWH – MI Health Coaching Webinar Series

Upon successfully completing the (1) CCP examination, NIWH learners can take the next step and complete (2) the Training and Proficiency Requirements to (MI Health Coaching Webinar Series) to be able to move on to (3) the MI Health Coaching Intensive Distance Learning training, (4) All of these components are necessary to earn the Registered Health Coach (RHC-I) credential.

To register for the MI Health Coaching Webinar Series, click here.
MI Webinar Series   
The tuition cost is $250.00. You do not need a code to register.

Registered Health Coach

3. MI Health Coaching Intensive Program

Through a partnership with the National Institute of Whole Health and HealthSciences Institute, once NIWH learner registers for and tests-out of the CCP certification, they can complete the training requirements for the Registered Health Coach® credential. The RHC credential requires: 1.) CCP Certification, 2.) MI Webinar Series, 3.) MI Health Coaching Intensive (which includes the final required RHC proficiency test). 4.) Achieve RHC-I level proficiency on the test to be certified as a Registered Health Coach ® Level I.

NIWH registrants who are CCP certified have a total RHC tuition fee of $1,195.00, saving $400
off the $1,595 tuition when they enter the NIWH code during the checkout process.

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MI Health Coaching Intensive Distance Learning 
Use code NIWHR

Be sure to click on Re-Calculate to receive your tuition reduction.

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