Whole Health Education Re-Certificate Program

nutrition-educator-collage21-300x247 NIWH offers a Whole Health Educator refresher program for its graduates who have not re-certificated for 5 years or more. This program provides today’s most cutting edge, evidence-based health information for patient health education, disease prevention and health advocacy which invites self-care and shared decision making.  It allows graduates to re-certificate to qualify for numerous credentials and benefits available to currently certified Whole Health and Wellness Educators.

Videos are streamed by Amazon.com to our on-line classrooms. Hard copy handouts, abstracts, current evidence-based research and individual course assignment templates are provided. Each learner works with a credentialed health or education professional who is also a certified NIWH graduate.

This exciting, cost effective Whole Health continuing education program contains 10 courses which address the most urgent issues in healthcare today, is for NIWH graduates only. The courses also provide approved professional contact hours. The tuition for this re-certification program is an outstanding value at $1797.00.

The 10 courses include:

Comment from Patricia Mollick, a 1998 NIWH graduate taking the Re-Certification Program:

“I cannot express enough the value in this program! I am experiencing an authentic integration of knowledge, as one course builds on the next.  These [evidence-based, Whole Health] courses are so well developed that learning information that may seem impossible to learn, becomes possible!”

Comment from Meri Jo Bierig, 2006 NIWH graduate taking the Re-Certification Program:

“Very relevant information! It gave me confidence that I was providing the latest evidence-based information for my patients. It was complete – it was all there! A bargain to have
all that updated information for the cost of the program.

Comment from Steve Seligman, a 1999 NIWH graduate taking the Re-Certification Program:

“I feel I now have the information and tools to make a difference. The [re-certification program] fulfilled my expectations and was student friendly. I would recommend this program to a colleague.”

Comment from Karen Boyle, a 1999 NIWH graduate taking the Re-Certification Program:

“These courses have been so helpful for re-solidifying my education in Whole Health.   I wasn’t sure about re-certifying but find it so invaluable now that I have!  I had gotten out of this field for a while but it has always been a passion of mine.  I am presently volunteering at a mental health, substance abuse center  seeing clients strictly as a Whole Health Educator, helping them to hopefully reconnect with their bodies and minds – to understand that they have the power to make change in their lives, to understand that all aspects of their lives must be honored and respected and that you have to treat yourself with kindness and compassion.”

To register, please contact the NIWH Program Services Office at 888-354-HEAL (4325) or e-mail wholehealtheducation@gmail.com