New Option for Certified Nurse Coaches NIWH Now Offers New Credentialing Option for Certified Nurse Coaches


WELLESLEY, MANov. 3, 2018 – The National Institute of Whole Health (NIWH), nationally accredited pioneers of the field of Whole Health for 42 years and, developers of Whole Health Education®, is pleased to offer to licensed nurses, who are also certified as health coaches, a credentialing track which allows them to qualify for an individual National Provider Identification (NPI) for billing and coding of patient health education services.

Currently, while life and wellness coaches are eligible for professional liability insurance, health coaches are not. Nor do health coaches qualify to earn a National Provider Identification number for coding and billing of their coaching services. Health coaching services are not covered by health insurance.

Licensed nurses, whose scope of practice includes educating and advocating for their patients, can now elect to take an accredited, recognized and standardized curriculum of study in patient health education and qualify for a special, secondary NPI number for patient health education billing. They can incorporate their coaching skills to deliver demystified, well communicated disease prevention information, patient health education and patient engagement, which is a priority in current Value Care driven medical practices.

“There is considerable frustration within the current landscape of nurse health coaches as there is no avenue for these professionals to enhance their private practice through insurance imbursements. The NIWH Patient Health Educator option allows nurse coaches to incorporate their coaching communication and motivational skills with critically needed patient education and health information services and be credentialed to provide these insurance covered services to their patients”, says Dr. Georgianna Donadio, NIWH Program Director.

Nurse Fern Blizzard, Board Member of the American Holistic Nurses Credential Council, which nationally board certifies nurse coaches, states – “The NIWH programs can help to relieve the frustrations that nurse coaches are experiencing. This program is robust, thoughtful, thorough and accredited. The patient health education credential will allow nurses to be independent patient educators and advocates. Patient health education serves the client, the nurse and society at large!

The launch for nurse registration for the Nurse Coach track is scheduled for November 15, 2018. Information about the training can be reviewed on the NIWH website at:

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