May, 2011 – Marina Medical Center Begins Whole Health Education Pilot Study

NEWS BRIEF May, 2011

Marina Medical, in De Moines, Washington, is the site of a Whole Health Education® pilot study. Whole Health Education ®, a model of whole person health education, was developed and pioneered by the National Institute of Whole Health (NIWH). Founded in 1977, NIWH is dedicated to providing medical, allied health, wellness care and education professionals evidence-based, integrative continuing education programs from a whole health perspective. Marina Health began its pilot study in January of 2010 to further enhance services to their patients through the inclusion of Whole Health Education in their practice.

In addition, Marina Medical will be expanding its billing and coding capacity through utilizing established medical billing guidelines specific to insurance reimbursement relating to disease management, disease prevention and patient education. Below is what Kaye Brown, MSPH, co-Founder of Marina Medical, has to say about Marina Medical’s experience of the Whole Health Education pilot:

“The National Institute of Whole Health’s program is really cutting-edge,” said Kaye Brown, MSPH, co-Founder of Marina Medical. “Their evidence and broad-based program not only embraces lifestyle, but also behavioral components, which has enabled us to start applying it immediately in our clinical setting and achieve our  goal of transitioning to more of a functional medicine model. NIWH is helping us live true to our motto of practicing disease prevention through enlightened intervention.”