Health and Wellness Disease Prevention Programs

Integrative Nutrition and Holistic Health

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A career in integrative health and wellness disease prevention program opens up a wide variety of possibilities in the fields of Whole Health and Wellness. As a Whole Health Educator ™ or Whole Health Advocate™ you will blend unique whole person healthcare approaches with evidence-based knowledge to develop a customized plan for your patients overall health maintenance and disease prevention health goals.

How the National Institute of Whole Health Can Help with Professionally Accredited Whole Health Training Programs and Courses

At the National Institute of Whole Health (NIWH), we offer a number of evidence-based holistic and whole health programs with a focus on integrative health education and prevention programs.  Through our 5 Aspects of Whole Health™ model, evidence-based courses deliver the ideal combination of proven physical, emotional, nutritional, environmental and spiritual knowledge with today’s scientific, technological and medical breakthroughs to provide whole person care on an entirely new level.

Our unique online classes, case study and research opportunities and live phone-bridge seminars include interdisciplinary programs for nurses, educators, allied health practitioners, wellness coaches, fitness specialists, nutritionists, dietitians and more.  From holistic health and disease prevention programs to courses for advanced practice nurses, the National Institute of Whole Health delivers streaming online classes for anyone interested in integrative patient health education.

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Holistic Disease Prevention and Wellness Programs from NIWH

Our Whole Health curriculums are made up of four professionally programs, including:

  •  Whole Health Advocacy™ Program – Ideal for clinically-trained health and medical professionals who are interested in developing a new skill-set and competencies in the art of health advocacy their patients. This program provides coaching communication competencies as well as evidence-based whole health knowledge and information.

PLEASE NOTE: NIWH nutrition courses are patient/client education focused, providing epidemiological and evidence-base science on the how and why of nutrition in disease prevention, health recovery, wellness maintenance and for patient/client whole health education. Our whole foods focused nutrition courses are designed to enhance the professional’s knowledge of the science of nutrition but ARE NOT intended to teach learners how to recommend or prescribe diets or supplements to their patients or clients.

Unless a professional has a licensed scope of practice and credentials, along with professional liability insurance to practice nutrition, there are both legal and ethical constraints related to advising an individual about nutrition. The whole picture of heath® approach invites the client into understanding the cause and effect of the physical, emotional, nutritional, environmental and spiritual components of health so they can make the informed, sustainable lifestyle choices they deem are appropriate with their values and needs.

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We invite you to call one of our program representatives and discuss how our courses can help you in your healthcare career.  Call toll-free 1-888-354-HEAL (4325) or send us an email to request more information.

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