Accredited Whole Health Nutrition Certificate Program

                                                                Whole Health Nutrition Certificate Program Mentors and Contributors
A Whole Health Nutrition Certificate Program for Health or Wellness Professionals 

Our Whole Health Nutrition Certificate Program is designed for any health and wellness professional who desires to add greater knowledge to their work or practice. The program provides a demystified, evidence-based, holistic nutrition curriculum. Read details about our Whole Health Programs and how they can transform your service to your patients.

The course work is evidence-based, interactive and a non-didactic course of study that invites the learner to experience a clearer understanding of whole food nutrition science that aids their health and their patients or clients to lead a fuller, healthier and happier life.  The program includes 20 courses, covering a wide range of subjects presented through a 5-Aspects of Whole Health model. This model examines the physical, emotional, nutritional, environmental, and worldview or spiritual components of health and wellness. It includes:

  • In-Depth Digestive Function Analysis – Learn about the different processes our bodies go through when converting food to energy, and energy into active output, including metabolism, digestion, the cardiac system, the endocrine system and the immune system.
  • Learn how “everything is connected to everything else” in your body, what role nutrition plays and what the cause and effect of chronic disease states are.
  • Discover how food chemistry affects the brain and why we truly “are what we eat”.  Learn how to eat right for your body, and why even your blood type matters when it comes to nutrition.
  • Have you or someone you love been diagnosed with a chronic illness?  Learn why you can’t simply “treat the symptoms” and hope for the best.  It’s possible to live well even with a chronic condition.
  • How the Body Copes with Stress – It’s not just about chemical reactions.  Scratch beneath the surface of stress and learn how the body’s adrenal glands, psychology, and even your longevity can be affected by stress.

Courses include: (Read detail descriptions)

  • Food BioChemistry
  • Nutrition Research on Preventing Chronic Disease
  • Nutrition and Digestive Function 
  • Immune System
  • Functional Medicine
  • Brain Function and Nutrition 
  • Whole Person Nutrition Parts I & II  
  • Exercise Physiology – Parts I-III 
  • Living with Illness 
  • Inflammation and Disease 
  • Stress and Adrenal Function 
  • Obesity, Hidden Factors 
  • Brain Function and Behavior
  • Cardiac Whole Health
  • Metabolic Syndrome
  • Muscles and Bones 
  • Blood Type and Nutrition

PLEASE NOTE: NIWH nutrition courses are patient/client education-focused, providing epidemiological and evidence-based science on the how and why of nutrition in disease prevention, health recovery, wellness maintenance, and for patient/client whole health education. Our whole foods focused nutrition courses are designed to enhance the professional’s knowledge of the science of nutrition but ARE NOT intended to teach learners how to recommend or prescribe diets or supplements to their patients or clients.

Unless a professional has a licensed scope of practice and credentials, along with professional liability insurance to practice nutrition, there are both legal and ethical constraints related to advising an individual about nutrition. The whole picture of heath® approach invites the client into understanding the cause and effect of the physical, emotional, nutritional, environmental and spiritual components of health so they can make the informed, sustainable lifestyle choices they deem are appropriate with their values and needs.

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The National Institute of Whole Health is a pioneer in delivering innovative, whole person focused online courses in the field of whole health nutrition or holistic nutrition and integrative holistic health studies.  The Whole Health and Wellness Nutrition program costs a one-time fee of $3,495.00, with numerous monthly payment plans available to assist you. Accessing classes is easy. All you need to get started is a computer with an Internet connection.  Once you connect, you’ll be able to watch detailed, comprehensive online videos from top presenters in the whole health nutrition and wellness field.  Call 1-888-354-HEAL (4325) today to learn more.