Final Paper Requirements

Certification as an NIWH  Whole Health Educator requires the learner to demonstrate their knowledge and integration of the evidence-based, Whole Health information to their work with patients and clients. The Final Paper is focused on three case studies the learner must submit for graduation. A Final Paper Manual is provided for ease of completion.

This “Capstone Project” is the climax of the Whole Health training that requires a learner to DEMONSTRATE their understanding and CONVEY the information, that they have learned though-out the curriculum, from a demystified and Whole Health perspective. This Whole Health approach empowers patients and clients to understand the how and why of health and disease prevention, and make sustainable life style changes for their well-being and longevity. Certification is granted upon the demonstration of the knowledge and skill necessary to educate the patients or clients the health professional serves.

There are different page length requirements for the three Whole Health credentialing programs. Please check the requirements for your selected program on the Case Study and Research Requirement page.