Accredited Nutrition Programs Online

Are You Considering Accredited Nutrition Programs Online? 

Accredited Nutrition Programs Online

For health professionals considering Accredited Nutrition Programs Online for credentials to provide holistic nutrition coaching or counseling, there are several important factors to be aware of. Today’s healthcare reform mandates emphasize patient health education and disease prevention training in addition to health coaching or nutrition counseling. Health insurance companies identify patient health educators as health coaches, however, the actual tasks of the coach are patient health education and shared decision making, in addition to the coaching tasks of goal setting.

Whether you’re a registered nurse, allied health professional or dietitian, taking accredited Whole Health Training courses online can add knowledge and skills to your current work or practice. The National Institute of Whole Health offers evidence-based, whole person nutrition courses as part of our larger 3-in-1 Whole Health Education program. These nutrition courses and the accompanying health science courses focus on holistic health and well-being. This unique multifaceted approach explores complementary therapies and cross-cultural studies to help students acquire a well-rounded, balanced approach to nutrition. By delving into both historic and modern dietary programs, you will be introduced to and gain critical skills in adapting a wide variety of nutritional education and information for your patient’s needs.

Comment by a recent NIWH graduate:

“Coming from a Health Coaching background, I found that there was something missing when trying to assist individuals with making a sustainable behavior change. Through my experience with the program at the National Institute of Whole Health, I was able to identify what that missing piece in Health Coaching was. The courses provided the education needed to be able to supply evidence-based health information to patients, and the case study portion of the program helped facilitate the personal WHY for change in patients. This was the missing piece, that each patient find the “why” they need to change. The program taught me how to assist patients in finding their individual why so that the changes can be sustained for a lifetime.”

Judith Brinn, BS, CHHC, certified in Pediatric Obesity

Understanding the Past, Embracing the Future

In our Accredited Nutrition Programs Online you’ll gain insights from various healing practices such as anti-inflammatory diets and vegetarian diets, as well as more contemporary approaches to obesity, metabolic syndrome and cardiac health. As a result of participating in the National Institute of Whole Health’s accredited nutrition courses online, you will be uniquely suited to adapt different dietary requirements to specific situations educating individuals with chronic diseases, obesity and food allergies.

How Can Taking Accredited Nutrition Courses Online Enhance my work?

With accreditation and endorsements from over a dozen health and wellness related organizations, the National Institute of Whole Health’s Accredited Nutrition Programs Online can not only help you enhance your own improve your patient’s well-being, but can also provide accredited continuing education contact hours to satisfy your professional credentialing re-certification or licensure. If you are a nurse, health educator, mental health professional, medical provider or nutrition professional, by taking these whole health accredited nutrition courses online, within the context of our larger 3-in-1 Whole Health Education program, but you will also add an ADDITIONAL scope of practice to your work as a Patient Health Educator.

Learn at Anytime, Anywhere

One of the best reasons to consider NIWH’s accredited nutrition courses online is that you can earn credentials that legally and ethically allow you to provide whole health nutrition education within a recognized scope of practice as a patient health educator. In addition, can study and learn from the comfort of home, or on the go.  Our dynamic internet-based courses allow you to create a flexible schedule that’s convenient for you, while you learn from some of the nation’s best and brightest minds, all educators and researchers in their own respective holistic fields. All you need to get started is a computer with an Internet connection. What’s more, many of our learners complete the courses in less than a year.

To learn more about our exciting, accredited nutrition programs online, we invite you to call toll-free 1-888-354-4325 to speak with an NIWH Program Representative.

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PLEASE NOTE: NIWH Accredited Nutrition Programs Online are patient/client education focused, providing epidemiological and evidence-base science on the how and why of nutrition in disease prevention, health recovery, wellness maintenance and for patient/client whole health education. Our whole-foods-focused nutrition courses are designed to enhance the professional’s knowledge of the science of nutrition but ARE NOT intended to teach learners how to recommend or prescribe diets or supplements to their patients or clients.

Unless a professional has a licensed scope of practice and credentials, along with professional liability insurance to practice nutrition, there are both legal and ethical constraints related to advising an individual about nutrition. The whole picture of heath® approach invites the client into understanding the cause and effect of the physical, emotional, nutritional, environmental and spiritual components of health so they can make the informed, sustainable lifestyle choices they deem are appropriate with their values and needs.

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