Welcome PharmPH Professionals

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Welcome PharmaPH professionals! We are pleased to assist you with your 3-in-1 Whole Health patient education registration and enrollment.  Below you will find the link to our application form for PharmPH members.  Please fill out the application form to have your professional credentials independently verified so that we may offer you an enrollment slot in our nationally accredited program.

Upon verification of your credentials, NIWH will e-mail you a copy of your credential verification, along with the registration paperwork. We recommend you then ask PharmPH for the SPECIAL tuition discount code to save hundreds of dollars on your tuition cost. There is a $22.00 verification fee to confirm degree transcripts, certifications and licenses.

PharmPH Professionals Registration  (pdf)

You may fill out the form and fax it to 781-431-0017 or call us to take your application by phone at 888-354-HEAL (4325).

All the NIWH Whole Health program offerings are available and specially discounted for PharmPH professionals.  We invite you to enjoy a free download from our award-winning, bestselling Communication Skills book, Changing Behavior: Immediately Transform Your Relationships with Easy to Learn, Proven Communication Skills. For a free excerpt please visit www.changingbehavior.org.

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