Beth Ingham

Beth InghamBeth Ingham, BS, is a certified Whole Health Educator and organic farmer. Beth graduated in 1999, and writes of her experience:I completed my Whole Health Education internship at a private Family Practice in Hubbardston, MA, where I continued to work for one year. Presently, I am working part-time as a Whole Health Educator in an Integrative, Whole Health dental practice.

The dentists and doctors in the practice say they never want to practice without a Whole Health Educator being part of their practice because by having their patients be educated and invited into understanding their dental health, and their whole body health in relationship to their dental health, changes the experience of practice for the doctors in a profound way. They are less stressed and enjoy their work so much more!

Whole Health Education is a remarkable approach to health, life and creating relationships. It can make the world a better place. I would be happy to share my experience of this outstanding program with you and would look forward to hearing from you!

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