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Study with the original pioneer and researchers who began the Whole Health movement in 1977. The National Institute of Whole Health – the Accredited Innovator of Whole Health and Whole Health Education®

“It’s no secret that traditional methods of patient education are hopelessly ineffective.”

— Susan Edgman Levitan, Executive Director
John D. Stoeckle Center for Primary Care Innovation

Massachusetts General Hospital

Associate in Health Policy at Harvard Medical

The shift to a Whole Health perspective in health care started in Boston, 45 years ago, with the National Institute of Whole Health (NIWH). Our qualified graduates use the training in their private practice or within an established medical practice. A special NPI number, an expertly prepared billing and coding manual, practice building support, professional networking and mentoring are all available to NIWH learners and graduates from initial enrollment to graduation and beyond.

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The NIWH program provides the whole package for success. We provide the most
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Whole Health Education ® programs.

  • Become a Credentialed Patient Educator

  • Receive an NPI Provider Number to allow for health insurance billing in a medical office or for your own private practice

  • Earn Board Certification as a Patient Advocate

  • Learn NIWH Whole Health Coaching™ model

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With the current Value Care focus on disease prevention and patient education, the NIWH 3-in-1, nationally accredited program, provides the only comprehensive, evidence-based Whole Health training grounded in over 44 years of research and development, reflecting the standards of the Institute of Medicine and the World Health Organization.

Choose the NIWH accredited, post-professional training for secondary provider status, professional liability insurance and billing & coding privileges!


I graduated from NIWH and already have a growing practice. Clients really respond to the whole person focused 5 Aspects of Whole Health™. I love to work with clients giving them the “Big Picture of Health®” and teaching them ways to prevent disease or improve their health.

My referral partners, including physicians and mental health professionals, are thrilled that I have an NPI number as a patient health educator, as it makes my health education services more available to their patients. Much gratitude to NIWH which has produced the best whole health and patient advocacy program in the country.

Ann Baker, BSN, MPH , NIWH Graduate

I completed the NIWH Whole Health Educator program for nurses. This comprehensive program gave me the patient health education knowledge and skills I needed for a more holistic approach to my current practice. Upon completion of the program, I applied for and received my National Provider Identification (NPI) number. The NPI number has opened the door to a population of individuals who had not previously utilized my services.

Being qualified to provide insurance billing and coded receipts has added a new level of credibility to my thriving practice. Not only does this credential validate all the hard work necessary to earn it, but in addition it provides a distinction from others in the field who do not have a NPI number to better serve their clients. It [the NIWH program] has been an incredibly rewarding experience for me both personally and professionally. A real game changer!

Jacqui Bryan, BSN, MS– NIWH Graduate, jacquibryan.com

The quality of the relationship between patient and provider has a significant effect on patient adherence to treatment and outcomes. The NIWH’s Whole Health educational programs provide health practitioners with the essential tools to effectively engage their patients.

As a seasoned endocrinologist with established communication skills and an empathetic mannerism, I was able to further develop my communication skills after training in the Behavioral Engagement with Pure Presence ™ Model. NIWH’s programs are invaluable to transforming the patient-provider encounter.

Dr. Saleh Aldasouqui, MD, FACE, ENU, Chief of Endocrinology, MSU College of Human Medicine

Coming from a Health Coaching background, I found that there was something missing when trying to assist individuals with making a sustainable behavior change. Through my experience with the program at the National Institute of Whole Health, I was able to identify what that missing piece in Health Coaching was.

The courses provided the education needed to be able to supply evidence-based health information to patients, and the case study portion of the program helped facilitate the personal WHY for change in patients. This was the missing piece, that each patient find the “why” they need to change. The program taught me how to assist patients in finding their individual why so that the changes can be sustained for a lifetime.

Judith Brinn, BS, CHHC, Obesity certified, NIWH Graduate

The NIWH’s pioneering work in evidence-based Whole Health education affords health care providers the skill-set necessary to navigate and excel under the current mandates of our dynamic health industry.

As patient-centered care encompassing disease prevention, patient education and health advocacy reign at the forefront of policy agenda, treating the whole patient as opposed to the disease has never been more imperative. NIWH’s training provides the platform in which health care professionals can rise above.

Dr. Christie Clipper, DHA , Director, Duke Center For Personalized Health Care at Duke University

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