Become Your Own Health Advocate

 Become Your Own Whole Health Advocate


With six in ten Americans having at least one chronic disease and four in ten having two or more, the urgent need to self-educate on understanding the how and why of each disease process is clear. In today’s complex healthcare landscape, it is easy to feel frustrated and lost when not receiving important information and resources to support and assist your choices in how to approach and change your health care concerns.

With the chronic disease rates continuing to rise our medical system is overburdened and increasingly understaffed. Patient satisfaction is at an all time low. It is more important than ever for health care consumers to become their own advocates, able to express their unique health needs, goals, and values to receive the whole person care they deserve.

To that end The National Institute of Whole Health (NIWH), the national pioneer and researcher of Whole Health and Whole Health Education®, has developed a comprehensive, fully online program to help you “Become your Own Whole Health Advocate”! Based on our 46 years of clinically tested research, this program explores the growing field of Patient Health Advocacy, which addresses the individual’s information and support needs from a complete or whole person overview of their health concerns and options. Communication, shared decision making, with patient facilitation and system navigation are skills that every self-advocate should have.

As communication is the key to successful outcomes in health care, as well as in all relationships, the program contains several audio presentations as well as a video course focused on listening, speaking, verbal communication, health information research, demystifying medical language and creating harmonious relationships.

The following topics are illustrated and discussed within the curriculum to provide the learner with an overall skill set for communicating their health care needs and goals.

(1) What is Health Advocacy?

(2) The 6 tasks of Shared Decision Making between doctor and patient

(3) How to facilitate your “Patient Navigation”

  1. Health Information Research
  2. Demystified Medical Language – how to find
    appropriate, evidence based yet holistic Health Information

(4) Communication Skills:

A. Mindful Listening

B. Mindful Speech

C. Behavioral Engagement with Pure Presence

(5) Education Courses – Five (5) elective courses in Patient Health Education – Providing health information to empower the client with demystified health information for a greater understanding of self-care choices. You can choose 5 Elective Topics such as Obesity, Living with Illness, Brain Function and Nutrition, Exercise Physiology, Digestive System Function, The Immune System and more.

This transformative program is available for the outstanding price of $399.00, which can be applied
in two equal payments. For more information on this exciting offering, contact the NIWH Program Services Department by email at or by phone at 888-354-4325.