Relationship Communication Coaching

#1 Best Selling, Multi-Award Winning Author and Relationship Communication Expert, Dr. Georgianna Donadio works with a limited number of individuals who wish to improve all aspects of their life through high level communication skills training. She works with clients telephonically via Zoom, phone & e-mail.

Her award winning book, “Changing Behavior” – Immediately Transform your Relationships with Easy to Learn Proven Communication Skills” has appeared on the bestsellers list since 2012.  The revised edition was published in the fall of 2017 and is the workbook for her relationship communication coaching with clients.

Her clients have this to say –

“Working with Dr. Donadio transformed my marriage and relationship with my oldest sibling.  Brilliant stuff! I am so grateful for this work and am much happier because of it!”

“Georgianna’s coaching made being a great communicator easy and fun. Thanks, and I have recommended my wife to do this, too!”

“My work performance has improved tremendously since the coaching sessions with Georgianna. I would recommend doing this coaching to anyone who wants to be better and do better.”

You can reach Georgianna at or by calling 1-508-785-2592.
Her book website is

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