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nutrition educator collage Whole Health Foundation Courses WELCOME WELLCOACHES  PROFESSIONALS!

The National Institute of Whole Health (NIWH) is pleased to partner with the Wellcoaches School of Coaching to bring, exclusively to  Wellcoaches graduates, the NIWH Whole Health Science program. In addition, our 3-in-1 Whole Health Education®, with Patient Health Education, Patient Health Advocacy and Whole Health Coaching™ program is open to qualified, credentialed Wellcoaches graduates and provides important additional professional credentials and a new scope of practice as a Patient Health Educator.

NIWH offers a unique opportunity for licensed health and education professionas who are certified health coaches to earn NPI credentials for billing and coding in private practice as Patient Health Educators.. For more information about this exciting opportunity contact us or call NIWH at 888-354-4325.

For non-professionals the NIWH Whole Health training program, offered exclusively to Wellcoaches graduates, contains 10 modules with 16 course program provides cutting edge, integrative health science  courses presented by leading health experts and researchers, along with the renowned NIWH faculty.

The courses are presented and filmed at Boston area hospitals and medical centers, then streamed through Amazon.com to our on-line classroom platform. This unique on-line tool allows you to log-into the classroom 24/7, from anywhere in the world, to accommodate your learning schedule.

The Whole Health Science program is ideal for the Health or Wellness Coach who wishes to incorporate a whole person approach along with cutting edge health information they can share with their clients to further empower them to make sustainable lifestyle changes.

Listen to an audio Introduction to the NIWH  Whole Health Science program which was presented to a Wellcoaches graduate audience.

This 132 hour, integrative whole health science program is designed to be completed in 18 weeks. However, a learner may complete the program at a faster pace, as this is a self-directed program.

Each of the 16 courses take a maximum of 8 hours to complete. Each course requires video viewing, reviewing course  outlines, handouts and research abstracts,  as well as completing and submitting a class assignment and evaluation form. The Whole Health Courses include:

  • Inflammation and Disease
  • Obesity – Hidden Causes
  • Digestive Function/Nutritional Status PLUS Metabolic Syndrome
  • Brain Function and Behavior PLUS Brain Function and Nutrition
  • Adrenal Function and Health PLUS Psychology of Stress
  • Nutritional Research on Chronic Disease PLUS Living with Illness
  • Muscles and Bones PLUS Exercise, Nutrition and Wellness
  • Immune System Function PLUS Eating DVD
  • Cardiac Whole Health PLUS Functional Medicine

Descriptions of the courses can be found on the Whole Health Foundation Courses page. under Whole Health Programs.

Wellcoaches graduates may also elect the NIWH Whole Health Advocate program for those who wish to focus on Shared Decision Making, Patient Health Advocacy and Patient Health Education as part of their coaching specialty. You can review our on-line Healthcare Reform webinar to learn more about the demand for Patient Health Education and Patient Advocacy.

The curriculum:

Learners work with an assigned Academic Adviser who facilitates the learning process and provides feedback on assignment submissions. Each course assignment submitted to the learner’s Academic Adviser, is responded to with feedback along with an 8-hour Continuing Education certificate for each course evaluation submitted. The CE certificate may be used for professional re-credentialing or for post-professional training which is a deductible tax expense and comes under the “professional development and continuing education” category.

Wellcoaches learners also have access to NIWH bi-monthly teleconferences with Academic Advisers and Q & A sessions to address course specific inquiries. Additional classroom access, beyond the allotted 18 weeks, may be purchased to complete the program.  After the completion of the 16 courses, a proctored exam is taken in the learner’s geographical area.

Upon successfully passing the exam, the learner is awarded a Certificate of Study in Whole Health Science. All NIWH Whole Health programs are available to Wellcoaches graduates, however, all programs other than the Whole Health Science program require prerequisite degree credentials, licensure or certification.

To Register, please download the enrollment form by clicking on the red button below. Read, sign and return the form to Conor MacCormack, NIWH Program Services Administrator at conor@niwh.org . Please also send a copy of your enrollment form to  contact@wellcoaches.com. If you have any questions, please contact conor@niwh.org.

When you register, within 24 hours of your paperwork being received, we will contact you and e-mail your on-line classroom access information which includes log-in ID, password, Academic Adviser introduction, recommended reading list and the NIWH Study Guide for Wellcoaches learners. You will be able to immediately begin the Whole Health Science program.

We look forward to welcoming you to our Whole Health community of learners!

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