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Avoiding The Flu

Avoiding The Flu By Georgianna Donadio, PhD - Every year we are inundated with reports of possible flu pandemics and cautioned to get our flu shots early. For those who are staunch devotees of the annual flu shot, the sooner the better. However, some have grown concerned about putting provocative proteins, such as flu shots, [...]

Avoiding The Flu2022-12-21T19:15:00-05:00

Nourish A Healthy Immune System

By Georgianna Donadio, MSc, DC, PhD-  Maintaining a healthy immune system is simple. Yet in our enormously complex and hurried environment it becomes complicated to live a simple life and stay healthy. This is an important perspective to wrap ourselves around. Especially regarding our lifestyle choices and how we take care of our health. Which [...]

Nourish A Healthy Immune System2021-08-17T11:52:53-04:00


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