Six Easy and Fast Quick to Enhance All Your Relationships

Six Easy and Fast Quick to Enhance All Your RelationshipsSix Easy and Fast Quick to Enhance All Your Relationships

By Georgianna Donadio, MSc., PhD.

Probably everyone you know would like to have better more fulfilling relationships – of all kinds!  Achieving this goal is easier than you may think!  We all know what relationships feel like when they are not going well but we are not always sure of what to do about that. One of the most important aspects of self-care is relationship hygiene, where you are paying attention to the dynamics and outcomes of your relationships.

Here are six easy to do actions that anyone can take immediately to improve relationships of any kind, be they friends, co-workers, family members of partners:

(1) Respect everyone: When we are truly respecting an individual for who she or he is that means we accept how they choose to live, feel, think and be in the world. As we are all so very self-focused it can be hard not to interject our opinions and values onto others. However, as we cannot change others, it is futile and even inappropriate to try. By accepting other people and allowing them to be themselves, we both ourselves and them needless conflict or frustration. No one wants to be told who to be or how to live. AS soon as you apply this principal, the sooner your relationships will approve.

(2) Be kind: This must be one of the most attractive qualities in anyone. Kindness is a form of loving and is profoundly attractive and appreciated. In our current world of competition and self-involvement it is rare and deeply valued when we experience this behavior in others. People will easily notice kindness and know when someone is truly caring. This is easy to do if you treat other people the way you would treat anyone you truly care about.

    1. Be happy for others: This can be difficult to do, especially if we feel we “didn’t get ours” – so “no one else should have theirs.” This is an easy to fall into but unhealthy and unsuccessful attitude that doesn’t allow us to celebrate for others and invite them into celebrating for us. When we think positively for others we not only improve our relationships but also create a positive outlook in our own lives.
    2. Let go of resentments: When we hold onto anger or resentment toward others, we end up doing more harm to ourselves than to them. While many of us have felt this first hand, it can be an overwhelming struggle to let go of events and circumstances we find ourselves in. One of the best ways we can practice self-care is to focus on releasing and letting go to the various resentments we may have developed in our relationships. Not letting go does not allow us to move on, and it lessens the love and kindness we can share with others.  
  • It’s the small things: Think back to some of the best moments in your life, the most memorable moments with the important people in your life.. While we do not have the resources to always do special things for the important people in our lives, the people who are most important will really appreciate it when you show them how important they are with the small but meaningful gestures and gifts you give them. It truly is the small things that mean so much. 
  • Follow the Golden Rule:   The Golden Rule is a simple one: Give to others and treat others as you want them to treat you. If you want to be appreciated, the appreciate others; you want to be loved, then love others. If you want success, than provide service or value for others. This is an easy and simple rule and best of all – it works.