Paula Sharp

Paula Sharp, RN, BSN is from Oklahoma. She completed the Whole Health Educator for Nurses program in 2011. She writes of her Whole Health Education experience:

 “After having worked in various areas of hospital nursing over the years, I began to sense that the focus of medical and nursing care generally being practiced did not seem geared towards making a lasting impact in the overall well-being of a person. Feeling a strong need to change this focus, at least in myself, I joined the American Holistic Nurses Association and began searching for holistic educational opportunities. After researching the programs endorsed by the AHNA, I decided on the National Institute of Whole Health because of its holistic evidenced-based curriculum and many accreditations.  Having long been an avid seeker of information in my attempt to stay up on the latest in wellness care, I initially wasn’t certain I would learn anything new in the Whole Health Educator program. However, from the very first on-line class, I was totally blown away by the type and amount of evidenced-based information presented in the curriculum as well as the way in which it was presented. The instructors are excellent. I laughed. I cried. I became very excited and, contrary to my initial thought, gained a tremendous amount of new information that was right away put to use in my own self-care with wonderful results.

The opportunities in my community are numerous for using my outstanding Whole Health Educator training. I would be happy to share my Whole Health Education experience with you as well as how I plan on using my training!”

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