Matilda Cruz

Matilda CruzMatilda, LPN, BA, MPH, from the Bronx, New York, says, “Almost one year ago, a friend walked into my office and informed me that, while surfing the internet, she discovered a program on Whole Health Education through the National Institute of Whole Health. A defining moment in my life, I can recall her saying, “You should look into it, this is you.” Several weeks later we both enrolled in the program and the rest is history.

Despite being able to lay claim to a professional history that includes 10 years on active duty with the United States Air Force, Licensure as a Practical Nurse, a Bachelor’s degree in Professional Human Services, a Master’s degree in Public Health as well as, certifications from both the Mayo Clinic on Tobacco Treatment and Intervention and Stanford University’s Education Research Center on Chronic Disease Self-Management, I still felt as though a vital piece of the puzzle was missing in both my professional and personal life.

I currently work as the Director of Health Education at a community-based health center in the South Bronx, one of the poorest Congressional District in the United States. Making a positive impact on the lives of the people that I have been entrusted to serve has always been paramount. In retrospect, I now understand that Whole Health Education was that missing link.

The knowledge that I have gained from the Whole Health Educator program at NIWH has allowed me to take inventory of what I bring to the interactions that permit positive change to take place in others and has also helped me to gain a fresh perspective on the never-ending capacity of humanity to “overcome” despite all odds. In my eyes, Whole Health Education is the ideal model for the health care system of the 21st century. I offer the poem below as a profound reflection of my voyage through the program this year.”

The Journey

Life, an endless expedition
Of self-discovery
Our place in the world
Not easily found

At the crossroads of our being
Decisions are made
In hopes that righteousness
Will abound

The key to good health and longevity
In five elements are nicely stored
Each one critical to the other
Our wellness waiting to be explored

A body well nourished,
Vibrant and strong
Allows our spirit
To flourish, thrive and grow

With knowledge of mind/body connection
We can see beyond what we think we know
Understanding how our bodies manifest in motion
What our emotions often fail to show

And the environment full of energy
In a circular motion, vibrations flow
Like a boomerang
What we put out
Our own hearts will one day come to know

True”Whole Health” means our collectiveness
Reigns supreme over a few
One race, one endeavor
Through knowledge and compassion
Lives are restored, they are made new<

— Matilda Cruz,
Inspired by Whole Health Education

It would be my pleasure to speak with you and answer any questions regarding my experience in the program. I invite you to contact me.

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