Aaron Lambert

Aaron LambertAaron Lambert, B.S., a West Point Academy graduate, from Mexico, New York, says,

“I made the decision to become a wellness educator after seeing the effects of diet on both myself and friends. I began attending seminars, reading books and searching the internet and it was immediately apparent that I had no idea how to connect everything I was learning, the amount of information seemed overwhelming and disjointed. Finally, I was introduced to the Nutrition Educator program from NIWH. This program was exactly what I was looking for. This program has allowed me to build a strong foundation from a whole food and whole person perspective. Each module uses concepts from the previous ones, and the way the modules tie into each other has permitted me to create the “big picture” of nutrition I was looking for!

Even just starting the course, I was already applying the knowledge I’ve gained to my marathon training with phenomenal results: no injuries, more stamina, less energy needed to produce faster times, quicker recovery, and increased enjoyment of the training process.

I am happy to share with you how fulfilling it is to be working in the field of Whole Health and Whole Food Nutrition, applying the principles I’ve learned from the Nutrition Educator program with my clients! I would be happy to share my experience of the program with you!”

Aaron is currently employed as a Nutrition Educator in a private healthcare practice in upstate New York


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