3-in 1 Whole Health Educator for Nurses

The field of Whole Health is the fastest growing area of health care today. As an AHNA Endorsed program, the Whole Health Educator™ for Nurses, with patient advocacy and whole health coaching skills provides evidence-based, cutting edge Integrative Health courses presented by leading experts in the fields of Integrative Health, Nutrition, Holistic Nursing Education, Wellness Education and Natural Health Care Training.

NIWH provides the whole package for success – whether in private practice or in partnership within a medical practice. Billing and Coding expert guidance, practice building, professional networking, and success mentoring are all available to NIWH learners and graduates from initial enrollment to graduation and beyond! All learners, past and present, are part of the Whole Family and Community at NIWH and are always welcome to participate in all Whole Health offerings. We want you to succeed!!