January 9, 2012 – Marketing for Whole Health Course Now Available

Marketing for Whole Health Course

Introducing: Marketing for Whole Health Course!

The National Institute of Whole Health (NIWH) has partnered with The Institute of Integrative Business Studies, providers of online seminars for health and wellness professionals. Through this alliance, NIWH students and grads can take advantage of a new course centered on marketing for whole health called Developing Your Marketing Strategy.


Ideal for those who need to establish, develop or grow their practice in today’s economy, this step-by-step online class teaches the four principles of marketing — Product, Price, Place and Promotion. Marketing Research is also covered so that practitioners can make the best marketing decisions for their business. Students learn about things like how to price their services and choose the best location, the key aspects of developing an effective marketing plan, defining your target market, promotional mediums and how to develop an effective marketing message.


Developing Your Marketing Strategy is available immediately for NIWH students and alumni at a fee of $20 or, for $60 when combined with 30 minutes of one-on-one marketing or practice building coaching. For more information, visit For more information, visit www.integrativebusinessstudies.com/classes or email inquire@integrativebusinessstudies.com


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