Accelerated Program

The National Institute of Whole Health, pioneers and hospital researchers of Whole Health and Whole Health Education®, is pleased to provider our 6-7 month accelerated option for completion of our nationally accredited 3-in-1 Whole Health Education program for credentialed and licensed health professionals.

Our Whole Health provider credentialing program can be completed in as little as 6-7 months. This fast-track option is designed for learners who wish to move more rapidly through the curriculum and can dedicate 12-16 hours per week to their studies.

This is the same 400 hour, ICE accredited curriculum that allows a learner to take a full 12 to 16 months to complete with as little as 6-8 hours per week. Many learners today want to accelerate their studies and our fast track program is available to those who wish to earn their NPI credentials more rapidly.

This optional accelerated option contains the same evidence-based, plus researched Whole Health courses and components, that comprise the 12 month program leading to a National Provider Number (NPI) and credentials as a secondary Health Care Provider for patient health education. This credentialing allows for billing and coding by licensed individuals in a private practice or for job placement in a medical practice with the physician direct billing for your patient health education services.

If you are a credentialed licensed health care professional, with health coaching certification, NIWH also offers a fast-track 6 month program that earns you the NPI number and allows for professional liability insurance for patient health education services. All graduates receive an expertly prepared billing and coding manual and a consult with a billing and coding compliance officer. Networking and practice building support is also available.

Comment from a current nurse learner –

“I am BEYOND thrilled. I even have physical proof! For 15 years I was neutropenic and none of my hematologists knew why. My WBC never rose above a 2 and my neutrophils were always <0.9.  Well, I had my three month labs and smear done July 25, 2019. Guess what! My WBC are FINALLY above a 4 and my neutrophils are normal! I haven’t seen labs like this in 15 years! I am beyond thrilled and I truly attribute it to the learning from this program that I’ve applied to my own life! “Health Coaches” that are making suggestions about how to improve your life (diet, mindfulness, etc.) but no one knows the WHY, the HOW, and the WHAT that are happening in our bodies and minds.  

Clients are not responding to the national Whole Health program [being applied in federal health care facilities]. I truly believe that not understanding what is happening in our body and mind is the reason why. As an oncology nurse, I always taught my patients to understand the physiology of how their treatment and side effect medications were acting in their bodies; I found they were more compliant and avoided a hospitalization after a treatment, if they understood what was happening. The same goes for Whole Health. One must understand the “Big Picture” and the National Institute of Whole Health offers the premiere learning program to do just that! It’s the real deal!”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Eileen Foti, BSN, RN OCN

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6-Month Accelerated Nurse Coach Patient Health Education Program Leading to Secondary Provider Credentials

Health Evaluation                                6-7 Month Accelerated Patient Health
Educator Program Leading to Secondary Provider Credentials

For more information about this fast-track option, contact us at 888-354-4325 or e-mail our Program Services coordinator at

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