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Are you a credentialed health professional looking to enhance your practice by providing patients Whole Health, evidence-based knowledge and Whole Health Coaching skills and competencies?

Do you have a passion to educate your patients and provide them with an authentic understanding of how to achieve their optimal health? Would you like to learn the skills and tools that Health Coaching can bring to your practice?

Established in 1977, the National Institute of Whole Health Education is the pioneer of Whole Health Education ® and Behavioral Engagement ™, the first patient education and health behavior change model, developed, researched and applied in clinical settings.

This outstanding Whole Health Coaching Skills program provides the tools and knowledge that can facilitate your patients to make sustainable lifestyle changes, while contributing to a better health care system that promotes wellness instead of treating symptoms.

The program provides 10 outstanding video and audio streamed Whole Health Coaching Skills courses as part of the NIWH 3-in-1 Whole Health certification program. Individual course outlines, handouts, research abstracts, course assignment templates and continuing education evaluation forms are provided. The Whole Health Coaching Skills courses are part of the Whole Health Education certification program. The Whole Health Coaching Skills are applied in the Case Study competency portion of the certification.

The learner earns a separate certificate in Whole Health Coaching Skills, along with the Whole Health Education certification and Patient Health Advocacy certificate.

The courses are taught by leaders in the fields of Whole Health Nutrition, Holistic Health Care, Natural Health Training and Health and Wellness Coaching.

The ten (10) Health Coaching Courses include:

> Mindful Listening
> Peer Counseling
> Behavioral Engagement
> Principals of Coaching Part I
> Principals of Coaching Part II
> Shared Decision Making
> The Wellness Inventory
> Cultural Diversity
> Psychology for Stress Reduction
> Health Information Research

For more information contact an NIWH Program Representative at 888-354-HEAL (4325)

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