NIWH Whole Health Coaching ™ program

Are you a trained health professional looking to enhance your practice to include Whole Health patient education and health coaching competencies?

Do you have a passion to educate your patients and provide them with an authentic understanding of how to achieve their optimal health? Would you like to be qualified to become an International Coaching Federation certified professional coach, as well as an NIWH certified Whole Health

redbutton Whole Health and Wellness Coaching Certificate Available from the National Institute of Whole Health

Established in 1977, the National Institute of Whole Health Education is the pioneer of Whole Health Education ® and Behavioral Engagement ™, the first patient education and health behavior change model, now called health coaching, developed and utilized in clinical settings.
This outstanding program provides the skills, tools and knowledge that can facilitate your patients to make sustainable lifestyle changes, while contributing to a better health care system that promotes wellness instead of treating symptoms.

The program provides 24 video streamed Whole Health Foundation courses with individual course assignment templates and evaluation forms that earn you approved continuing education contact hours. After completion of the 24 Whole Health courses and a proctored Final Exam, you will begin your five (5) Case-Study/Research tutorial courses and start the Practicum or clinical application portion of the program.

The courses are taught by leaders in the fields of Whole Health Nutrition, Holistic Health Care, Natural Health Training and Wellness Coaching.The training culminates with a Final Paper project that integrates all levels of the work and demonstrates your knowledge and skills in Whole Health Education peer-counseling and Health Coaching.

The Whole Health Education portion is designed to be completed in 10 -12 months, but allows for an additional six (6) months, should personal circumstances require additional work and study time. The coach training portion of the program is completed after the Whole Health Education foundational courses and proctored exam are successfully completed.

The coaching trainings available within this program are provided by one of the leading ICF accredited Master Coach professionals in the U.S. There are two levels of coaching training to choose from. The Foundation level and the Certification Level. For more information on fees and tuition for the two levels of training, please see the “Fees” page under Admissions.

                               Contact an NIWH Program Representative at 888-354-HEAL (4325)

redbutton Whole Health and Wellness Coaching Certificate Available from the National Institute of Whole Health